Monday, February 20, 2006

Where have I been?

Let's see, where have I been?

Tax Season (ugh)
Scrapbooking up a storm
Preparing teaching submission for convention
Business is booming and keeping me busy
Designing a new scrapbook class concept that is oh so cool!!!!
Now that the scrapbook one is off the ground, I'm working on a card one....

Been working out and losing weight - woo hoo! That's always a good thing, but it takes up so much time.

Tax Season
Do I really need to say more? It's crazy this year.

I've actually been working on my own scrapbooks. Amazing! I was my own guinea pig and tested my new class idea on myself. I'm a woman obsessed. I keep having to get more pictures printed so I can scrapbook them.

Yes, I actually finished last months book club book and I sort of enjoyed it. It wasn't a page turner, but I didn't suffer through it either. It's about time. I've hated the last few books. I was beginning to think I hated all books.

This month I picked the book. I apologised to the group when I passed it out, but I'm taking back my apology. I'm sure it's not going to win any literary awards but it is absolutely hilarious! It has totally brought back the joy of reading to me. I don't want to put it down at night. I literally laugh out loud while reading it. I want to talk to everyone about it. I want to discuss the hilarious things the main character comes up with. I'm driving my poor husband crazy, because I keep reading parts of it out loud.

If you want a funny book that says its about baseball, but is really about so much more than baseball, read Last Days of Summer by Steve Kluger.

I'm also reading The Red Tent. It was recommended by a friend and sounded like something I'd enjoy. Of course now that one of the book club members hated it and said it was blasphemous, now I'm sure I'm really going to enjoy it. LOL. We tend to have opposite points of view. Yes, I know it departs from scripture....but.......that's while they call it fiction. I'll let you know what I think when I'm done.

Teaching Submission
It's all done, mailed and received. Now we just wait....

I'm lumping the last three together because I'm running out of time. I used a new product from the company to create a cool class. Love it. My enthusiasm for it and all the great new stuff from the company means that life is good. Life is busy. I'm inspired and excited to keep creating.

Yea, I'm throwing this in just so I can say... I'm about three weeks behind in class. It's been tough to find time to knit. Dang. I need some balance in my life.

Gotta run...