Friday, November 30, 2012

Dec 2012 CTMH Stamp of the Month Blog Hop

 Welcome to the Stamp of the Month blog hop.  This month we are featuring S1212 Year Round Cheer (set of 12).  Whether you're starting here, or you hopped over from Tamra's Blog, you're right on track.  Just follow the links at the end of the posts and you'll be able to see all the fun creations.

First let me say that... I love, love, love this set!  While it says it is a "set of 12", it can really be a set of 24 or more.  One of the fabulous things about clear stamps and clear blocks is that you can easily "pick and omit." That means you can ink up a portion of the stamp and just stamp that....or... I know this might give some of you a heart attack but you can.... cut your stamps!!!  Carefully cut the sayings off and you now have two separate stamps.  Tip: If it's hard to get your scissors between the two elements GENTLY stretch the stamp and spread the area out and then cut with the very tip of your scissors.

Please note - no stamps were harmed in my samples.  So far I have not cut mine apart but it's just a matter of time.  I'm pretty sure the bbq, sing in the rain and stay lucky might not be so lucky. LOL

I featured the card and envelope featured on the "2" key on the Artiste Cartridge

Inspired by my buddy Sandra, I turned the envelope into a little treat pocket.

I inked only the little heart to create my random stamped background on the card.

Supplies Used:

  • Cardstock - Blush, Black and Ruby
  • Ink - Ruby
  • Marker - Blush
  • Black sharpie marker for the doodling

I hope you enjoyed the first little peek at this set.  I have several more projects in the pipeline so check back throughout the month!!  This is just the beginning.

Now it's time to hop on over to Jill's Blog to see what she came up with.

Four Ideas for Your Advent Calendar

I hope you have all finished up your advent calendars!  I am so glad that I got mine done ahead of time, but of course I'm still filling it up at the last minute. :-)  That's how I roll....

Before I start to share these incredible ideas let me say.... It's ok if you don't have the time, energy or the means to pull any of these off!  Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves during the holidays.  As I read these ideas I thought "I want to do them all!!!" Since I can't clone myself and I do have a job and a family, I'm going to school and I'm a Close To My Heart consultant, I think I'll myself a break.  I'll enjoy what I have already decided to put in my calendar and keep my eyes and my heart open for opportunities to serve.

One of my favorite memories of last holiday season was the sincere gratitude I received when I helped an elderly woman load her groceries into her car.  I may have been serving her, but the memory of the encounter has warmed my heart and blessed me all year long.

And with are some ideas that I might do next year, or the year after, or.....

1. Add a little humor to the stressful days-
Over at Over the Big Moon they created printable jokes for their Elf on the Shelf.  There are 20...Make up four of your own to fill every drawer.

We need a little humor at work too, so I printed an extra set to display on my counter.  We're not here tomorrow so we got to enjoy our first joke today.

2. Random Acts of Kindness
Katherine shared a great idea she did with her family and since good ideas inspire others and friendships, check out how this blogger implemented the idea with her family.

3. An Activity a day 
You're probably doing many of these things with your family anyway so this might be easier than you think!
Check out All Things Simple's post to see their list

Help keep your heart centered on what the season is about
A few years ago I came across a scripture a day advent that really helped me to pause during this crazy season.  Since then I've varied it many different ways.  Last year I tried to memorize The Living Christ.  I didn't finish the whole thing, but that just gives me something to work towards, right?

I don't mention my faith on my blog much, but I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) so I chose a scripture advent that reflects my beliefs.  There are many scripture references from the King James version of the Bible.  Feel free to adapt these ideas for yourself and/or search the internet for additional spiritual advent ideas.

4. Scripture a Day
Come Let Us Adore Him - Daily Devotional about Christ
This is the one I'm going to read this year.  

Miss the boat and wish you had started this earlier?  Well, here's a little mini spiritual version that goes from December 13th - December 25th. Prophecies of Christ's Coming

Do you have additional ideas to share?  
I would love to hear if you're using an advent calendar and what you are doing.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

CTMH Workshop on the Go Advent Calendar Kit

I took my Workshops on the Go Advent Calendar Kit to the Scrappin Escapes retreat last weekend and put it all together.  My picture and the picture in the catalog just don't do it justice.  It is so cute in person!  I love it. The drawers are nice and big so you can put a variety of items inside. 

Here are a few tips and suggestions to help you assemble your kit:
  • If you don't have a lot of time to sit and do it all at once, try breaking down the steps.  Cut your drawers one day.  Score/fold them all another day (if you score and pre-fold, but don't glue your drawers, it will help you identify where to stamp your images.) and then stamp and decorate at a third crafty session.
  • Stamp all of your images and then set aside to dry so you don't smudge them.
  • Assemble the boxes after you decorate them.  It's easier to work with them when they are flat.
  • Don't worry if you stamp a little crooked.  (I did!) I think it adds to the charm!
Here are some suggestions for filling up your drawers:
  • Candy (of course!)
  • A scripture a day
  • An act of service suggestion
  • A Christmas task (hang the stockings, decorate the tree etc.)
  • Or why not make each day an event, put a scripture, an act of service suggestion and a piece of candy for the blessing in each drawer so you can help your children think beyond gifts and toys!
Do you have more ideas?  Share them in the comments!

You can purchase the Workshop on the Go Kit which includes the cubby, paper, stamp pad and dimensional element decorations (I added the bitty sparkles) or you can purchase the cubby separate if you'd like to create a fun home decor item with different papers that can be used all year long.

Shopping List
G1052 Workshops on the Go Advent Calendar Kit - $44.95
Z1804 My Creations Cubby - $16.95
z1263 Bitty Sparkles - $2.95

Head on over to my website to buy your supplies!