Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Here I am!

Ok, so I have really got to do something about my famous (or not so famous) disappearing acts. Life has been good. I went to the Close To My Heart Regionals celebration in Las Vegas and had a blast... but then I got really sick... and even convinced myself I didn't have any homework due in my class. That didn't work out so well for me. I ended up doing three chapters of homework in two days and then hubby was home.... then there was the tax return that had to be done so that I could do our first FAFSA application for Josh and life and work and church and stamping and....that pretty much brings you up to date.

I've actually been having fun stamping and I have a bunch of projects to show for it. Above is my next workshop project for all my stamping buddies. I adapted it from one we did at our local team meeting, which was from another team meeting, which was from??? Many hands played a part in the development of this class.

I added my own spin by switching the papers, changing the card design a little bit and using peanut butter cups! I've already shown the whole "nugget label thing" so I thought I'd use fun spring candies and make it an Easter project.

I also got my photo tent!!! I used to use a light box my son and I built, but it had tissue paper sides, took up a bunch of room and took a bit of a beating. For a while I've just been taking pictures on my table, but I haven't been real happy with how they have turned out. Now I have my very own and sorta professional looking photo tent. I bought the 16" because I thought it would be small and portable and fit on my table and.... well... I might have to upgrade to the 24", but I'm going to try and make it work for now.



Stamp Til Dawn!

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