Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September Stamp of the Month Blog Hop

Welcome to the September 2010 Stamp of the Month Blog Hop.  If you came here from Michelle Loncar's blog, you're on the right path! This month we are featuring D1442 Thriller (Set of 9). 

Ok, true confessions here...Many, many, many are sooo excited about this set.  Me?  Not so much.  Good thing I "have" to use the stamp of the months in order to participate in this hop because I found myself starting to like this set, the more I played with it.  That vampire guy is kind of cute.  I love the sayings!!!  And I love the little heart, crown and fleur de lis.... and the skulls....well, it's hard to find them too scary or creepy when you see their heart eye patch. LOL...


Stamping Tips:
  • Sponge Sunny Yellow ink on your cardstock before you stamp the image in black
  • Use colored pencils to add color to pumpkin and white on vampire
  • Tear paper around saying to add a more creepy look...then sponge with black ink 

Stamping Tips:
Sponge edges around skull so that the skull stands out more

Supply List:
  • Black Ink
  • Colored Pencils
  • Sunny Yellow and Black Stamp Pads
  • X7129B Hooligans Level 2 Paper Pack
  • D1442 Thriller
Now it's time to hop on over to see what Jody Burger created....I hope it's not too scary.....

Monday, August 30, 2010

Bike the Bay - I did it!!!!

Woo Hoo!!!  So two years ago I did a little bike ride with my friends, called Bike the Bay.  The cool part of the ride was that we got to ride over the Coronado Bridge.  A bridge that is closed to pedestrians and cyclists.  I was not ready for the ride and I wasn't feeling well when we started.  I hit one of my lowest points ever on a bicycle.  I felt defeated and frustrated and slow and....  Here's my blog entry after that ride.

Every time I see the bridge, I am reminded of that day and I feel like I have some unfinished business. 

So this year I decided it was time to try it again. I'm lighter.  I'm stronger.  I know how to ride better.  Would it be enough to make it over the bridge without stoppin.... Oh yeah baby!!!!  It is!!!!!!!!

Candace is still nursing her fractured elbow so Su and I were on our own...

We have our own paparazzi (Josh) so we have some fun pictures.  This is the beginning of the ride.  I have no idea what Su is looking at. LOL

The let us go in small heats...so here's our little group heading out..

This time I approached the ride much differently.  Since I knew I got all excited at the beginning last time... this time I took my time.  We weren't in one of the very first heats.  We were in heat 8.  I didn't even attempt to follow anyone else's pace.  I just set my own warm-up pace and enjoyed the ride...  I was feeling great when we got to the bridge.  I downshifted and went right up the ramp!!!  As soon as I made it up the ramp, I knew I would make it the rest of the way.  It's still a decent climb for me, but I just kept pedaling.  I looked at the view and truly enjoyed where I was and what I was doing. And... I was actually passing people.  Trust me, many others were also passing me. LOL!! 

As I was climbing, I started to notice a couple of girls in pink tops way ahead of me.  Over time I could tell I was gaining on them.  When it started to get harder, I just kind of watched them and kept pedaling towards them.  I wasn't really trying to catch them.  It just gave me something to focus on and follow... Eventually I caught up to one of them and she was really struggling, but we were really close to the top, so I started chatting with her and encouraging her.  When we got to the top we celebrated and she said "I don't think I would've made it without you."  Ahhh...that totally made my day!!

Here's a picture I took from the top of the hill.  Not the greatest picture, but when you stop to think that
  1. I could still breathe.
  2. I could pull out my camera.
  3. And I could take a picture...
This little picture takes on a whole new meaning!  (At least it does for me!)

A few miles from the end we met up with Sue!!  Yes, it was Su, Sue and Me.  We were excited to be able to all finish together!  It was a great day and a great ride and now??? Now I can look at that bridge and feel pride in my accomplishment. 

Here's Su and I after the ride...with that Beautiful Bridge behind us.  Unfortunately you can't see the part we climbed, but you can see the nice little descent we got to enjoy. :-)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Simply Irresistible

I made this video in May and never finished it.  Ooops. The good news is that I actually did the whole thing by myself so hopefully I'll be quicker about filming, editing and posting videos now.  I need to do another one quick...before I forget how to do it. LOL.  Josh is patient...but I'm not sure how many more times he'll answer my 10,000 questions.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Autumn/Winter 2010 Idea Book Blog Hop!

Welcome to our Close to my Heart New Product Blog Hop! Over 40 Fabulous Close to my Heart Consultants are celebrating the upcoming release of the Autumn/Winter 2010 Idea Book by giving you a Sneak Peak of some of the great products available in the new Idea Book starting September 1st!

If you have come here from Karen Norman's  you are on the right path!

While we have had the Workshops on the Go for a whole year now... this is the first time they have been pictured in the catalog!!  Soooo excited.  Now you can read all about the kits and see what's included in your idea book!

Here are a few items I made with the leftover pieces from the Olivia Workshop on the Go. (first I created the featured layout, an alternate layout and then I used what was left to create more fun projects.)

Now "Hop" on over to Lori Blehm's Blog to see her work! Be sure to visit all the Consultants at their Blogs to get some fun crafting ideas and see the great new Paper Packs and My Acrylix Stamp Sets!

The Autumn/Winter 2010 Idea Book
Goes Live on September 1st! 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Creations CD Holder Tutorial

I don't know who the original genious is that came up with this idea, but I heard about it from Bren Yule and immediately loved it!!!

Basically you create a pocket, by glueing three sides of the internal pages and then put a cd in the pocket!  What a great idea.  It's a perfect way to have a little memento from a trip or a special occasion and a back-up of photos from your computer too?

Or... Do you create a year in review cd/dvd?  What a fun way to store your annual dvd/cd?

The ideas are endless.  Please be sure to leave me a comment if you use this tutorial to create one of your own.  I'd love to share your creation and link back to you!

Ok, so let's get started!

You start with a 6x6 My Creations Memory Showcase

I covered the pages with paper from the Passages Level 2 Paper Pack

Create a cut-out so that you can see where the cd is.

I started by tracing the Circle Template 2 from the pattern DVD for the Wishes book.  You could look around your house or stamp table for something round that is similar in size.

I wanted to make sure that my cut-outs lined up perfectly, so I cut through both of the inside pages at the same time...which left me with some jagged edges.  You could avoid this by cutting through one page at a time or by using an exacto knife.  The scissors bite into the pages because of the odd angle.  You'll understand what I'm saying as soon as you try to start cutting. ;-)

Thankfully I had the awesome finishing files handy so I just used them to finish off the edges and sand away the rough edges.

Now that you have your opening cut, it's time to glue the pages together.  You'll need a strong adhesive.  Please note you need to raise the tape up a bit higher on the bottom or the cd will fall to the bottom of the pocket and you won't be able to see it in the cutout. 

I used a wider than usual adhesive tape on this one so my pocket ended up being really snug.  Learn from me and use something a little more narrow!

Now it's time for the fun part!!  You can embellish with a few photos that are included on the cd.  Add quotes or sayings...whatever your little heart desires.  On this one I decorated it with pictures from our beautiful Sedona bike ride and then put a cd with the rest of the pictures in the pocket.  It's a fun memento for someone that went with me on that trip...hmmm.... I wonder who's getting some happy mail.  (assuming I finally go to the post office and mail it!)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Salads for Crops

I'm in the middle of big project designs, but nothing is finished so no photos... What is a girl to do?  Why not share some of my favorite salads that have appeared at our monthly crops?  My customers not only create amazing scrapbook pages and cards, but they also "create" in the kitchen.. Yummy!!!

Please forgive me if I mess up any of the recipes.  This is what I remember.  Feel free to correct me in the comments.

Jessica's Fruit Salad
Fruit cocktail
Cool Whip
A couple of tablespoons of dry pudding mix

I fell in love with Jessica's salad and have changed and adapted it a million ways.  I've used vanilla and banana pudding mixes.  I've also created it with fresh fruit.  I've added chopped bananas.  And now that I'm writing this I'm wondering if it would be good with lemon pudding...hmmm...  I've also used sugar free pudding and fat free cool whip.  Turns out great everytime.  Easy Peasy and yummy!

Patty's Creations
Ok, Patty is the salad queen.  She puts together the most amazing ingredients and it always tastes good! She has brought us oriental salads, chicken salads, green salads..... One of my favorite ideas that she shared is....
Chop up your cucumber, bell pepper, celery, carrots, etc.  and put it in a dish with your dressing.  Then just add to your salad each day.  Yummy!  No need to bring an extra container for dressing.  It's already mixed in. 

Crop Stop Salad
Years ago I went to a Crop Stop Crop and the hostess made a yummy salad with ...
Bowtie Pasta
Chopped Chicken
Dried cranberries
Vidalia Onion dressing

To die for!!!!

Barbie's Creations
And then there's Barbie... Oh my... Barbie made us THE most delicious chicken salad on Saturday.  I never did hear what she put in it, but this is generally how the conversation goes every single month:

Me:  Barbie, your __________ is delicious
Barbie: Oh, it's just stuff I had on hand that I threw together.

There never seems to be a "recipe,"  She's just one of those amazing cooks that knows what to put together.  Maybe someday we can coax her to share a couple of recipes.  She also makes incredible potato soup.  Yummmmm

I've only highlighted a few fav's here.  So don't be hurt if I didn't mention you. Maybe I'm saving it for a future issue of foods Dawn loves at crops. LOL.

So tell me?  What is your favorite summer salad?  Let's have a virtual crop with a Salad Potluck.  What are you bringing?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Triple Play - National Stamping Month

Celebrate your love of stamping by using stamps to embellish the three mini albums in our exclusive National Stamping Month kit, Triple Play. With inks, stamps,albums, and pre-cut accents for stamping,you’ll complete all three albums in a jiffy. Since each album has its own color scheme, all three are unique and ready for many different kinds of photos. Make one for yourself and two to give away—if you can bear to part with them!

In honor of National Stamping Month, you can get huge discounts on the Triple Play kit when you purchase My Acrylix® stamps from your wish list, or get it free when you host a qualifying Gathering or become a Close To My Heart Consultant.

Here are five ways to get this outstanding mini album kit: (Note: We’ve saved the best for last, so be sure to read all five!)

1. Buy the Triple Play kit for $29.95 US.

2. Purchase $25 in My Acrylix® stamps and get the Triple Play kit for just $15.

3. Spend $40 on My Acrylix stamps and get Triple Play for only $5!

4. Host a Gathering with sales of $300 or more and get Triple Play FREE!

5. Join Close To My Heart as a Consultant and get the kit FREE!

National Stamping Month is always fun, but this year you’ll get three times the excitement with Triple Play!

*Qualifying stamps set purchases exclude Stamp of the Month sets, K-size custom stamps, and Workshops on the Go™ stamp sets. Tax and shipping/handling may apply. Offer valid for customers and hostesses August 15–September 30, 2010. Offer valid for new Consultant enrollees September 1–30, 2010. Limit one discount-priced Triple Play kit per order per customer. Offer valid while supplies last.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

$2, $4, $6, for 8 Days... Who do we appreciate....

Close To My Heart is having an AMAZING sale!!  For 8 days, starting August 4th, you can take advantage of some great deals on my website.  Stickease $2, Level 1 Paper Packs $4, Level 2 Paper Packs $6 (selected items only...)

FYI - These items are also on our retired list, so if your favorite is here, or if you have been waiting to purchase some of these... now is the time!!!

X7045A My Reflections Vintage Travel Level 1 $ 4.00
X7045C VintageTravel My Stickease $ 2.00
X7056A My Reflections Discovery Level 1 $ 4.00
X7060A My Reflections Heirloom Level 1 $ 4.00
X7060B My Reflections Heirloom Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7061A My Reflections Floral Impressions Level 1 $ 4.00
X7061B My Reflections Floral Impressions Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7061C Floral Impressions My Stickease $ 2.00
X7062A My Reflections Laid Back Level 1 $ 4.00
X7069A My Reflections Just Chillin Level 1 $ 4.00
X7069C Just Chillin My Stickease $ 2.00
X7070A My Reflections Simple Pleasure Level 1 $ 4.00
X7070B My Reflections Simple Pleasure Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7070C Simple Pleasure My Stickease $ 2.00
X7071A My Reflections Best Friends Forever Level 1 $ 4.00
X7072A My Reflections School Zone Level 1 $ 4.00
X7072C School Zone My Stickease $ 2.00
X7073A My Reflections Abundance Level 1 $ 4.00
X7073B My Reflections Abundance Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7073C Abundance My Stickease $ 2.00
X7075A My Reflections More To Adore Level 1 $ 4.00
X7075B My Reflections More To Adore Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7075C More To Adore My Stickease $ 2.00
X7076A My Reflections Sonata Level 1 $ 4.00
X7076C Sonata My Stickease $ 2.00
X7077C Sweet Harmony My Stickease $ 2.00
X7078A My Reflections Cutie Pie Level 1 $ 4.00
X7078C Cutie Pie My Stickease $ 2.00
X7079B My Reflections Rough n Tumble Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7079C Rough n Tumble My Stickease $ 2.00
X7080A My Reflections Route 66 Level 1 $ 4.00
X7080C Route 66 My Stickease $ 2.00
X7081A My Reflections Majestic Blue Level 1 $ 4.00
X7081B My Reflections Majestic Blue Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7081C Majestic Blue My Stickease $ 2.00
X7082A My Reflections Expedition Level 1 $ 4.00
X7082C Expedition My Stickease $ 2.00
X7083A My Reflections Let's Get Together Level 1 $ 4.00
X7084A My Reflections Floral Tapestry Level 1 $ 4.00
X7085A My Reflections Everlasting Level 1 $ 4.00
X7085B My Reflections Everlasting Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7085C Everlasting My Stickease $ 2.00
X7086A My Reflections Caprice Level 1 $ 4.00
X7086B My Reflections Caprice Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7086C Caprice My Stickease $ 2.00
X7087A My Reflections Enchanted Level 1 $ 4.00
X7087B My Reflections Enchanted Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7087C Enchanted My Stickease $ 2.00
X7088A My Reflections Free Spirit Level 1 $ 4.00
X7088B My Reflections Free Spirit Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7088C Free Spirit My Stickease $ 2.00
X7089A My Reflections Lifes Delights Level 1 $ 4.00
X7089C Life Delights My Stickease $ 2.00
X7090A My Reflections Silhouette Level 1 $ 4.00
X7090B My Reflections Silhouette Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7090C Silhouette My Stickease $ 2.00
X7091A My Reflections it’s a Guy Thing Level 1 $ 4.00
X7091B My Reflections it’s a Guy Thing Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7091C it’s a Guy Thing My Stickease $ 2.00
X7092A My Reflections Good Times Level 1 $ 4.00
X7092B My Reflections Good Times Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7092C Good Times My Stickease $ 2.00
X7093A My Reflections Sweet Pea Level 1 $ 4.00
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X7094A My Reflections Paper Garden Level 1 $ 4.00
X7094C Paper Garden My Stickease $ 2.00
X7095A My Reflections Boom-Di-Ada Level 1 $ 4.00
X7095B My Reflections Boom-Di-Ada Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7095C Boom-Di-Ada My Stickease $ 2.00
X7096A My Reflections Blue Ribbon Level 1 $ 4.00
X7096B My Reflections Blue Ribbon Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
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X7097A My Reflections Game On Level 1 Kit $ 4.00
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X7097C Game On My Stickease $ 2.00
X7098A My Reflections Sarsaparilla Level 1 Kit $ 4.00
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X7100A My Reflections Perfect Day Level 1 $ 4.00
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X7101A My Reflections Magic Moments Level 1 $ 4.00
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X7103A My Reflections Aspen Level 1 $ 4.00
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X7104A My Reflections Evensong Level 1 $ 4.00
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X7105A My Reflection sEmporium Level 1 $ 4.00
X7105B My Reflections Emporium Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7105C Emporium My Stickease $ 2.00
X7106A My Reflections Unforgettable Level 1 $ 4.00
X7106B My Reflections Unforgettable Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7106C Unforgettable My Stickease $ 2.00
X7107A My Reflections That’s Amore Level 1 $ 4.00
X7107B My Reflections That’s Amore Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7107C That’s Amore My Stickease $ 2.00
X7108A My Reflections Daydream Level 1 $ 4.00
X7108B My Reflections Daydream Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7108C Daydream My Stickease $ 2.00
X7109A My Reflections Stardust Level 1 $ 4.00
X7109B My Reflections Stardust Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7109C Stardust My Stickease $ 2.00
X7110A My Reflections Back Country Level 1 $ 4.00
X7110B My Reflections Back Country Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7110C Back Country My Stickease $ 2.00
X7111A My Reflections Moon Doggie Level 1 $ 4.00
X7111B My Reflections Moon Doggie Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7111C Moon Doggie My Stickease $ 2.00
X7112A My Reflections Animal Cookies Level 1 $ 4.00
X7112B My Reflections Animal Cookies Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7112C Animal Cookies My Stickease $ 2.00
X7113A My Reflections Tinkerin Level 1 $ 4.00
X7113B My Reflections Tinkerin Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7113C Tinkerin My Stickease $ 2.00
X7114A My Reflections Bella Level 1 $ 4.00
X7114B My Reflections Bella Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7114C Bella My Stickease $ 2.00
X7115A My Reflections Jingle Level 1 $ 4.00
X7115B My Reflections Jingle Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7115C Jingle My Stickease $ 2.00
X7116A My Reflections Sweet Home Level 1 $ 4.00
X7116B My Reflections Sweet Home Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7116C Sweet Home My Stickease $ 2.00
X7117A My Reflections Grace Level 1 $ 4.00
X7117B My Reflections Grace Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7117C Grace My Stickease $ 2.00
X7118A My Reflections Twitterpated Level 1 $ 4.00
X7118B My Reflections Twitterpated Level 2 Paper Packet $ 6.00
X7118C Twitterpated My Stickease $ 2.00
*Available August 4-11, 2010; while supplies last