Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Creations CD Holder Tutorial

I don't know who the original genious is that came up with this idea, but I heard about it from Bren Yule and immediately loved it!!!

Basically you create a pocket, by glueing three sides of the internal pages and then put a cd in the pocket!  What a great idea.  It's a perfect way to have a little memento from a trip or a special occasion and a back-up of photos from your computer too?

Or... Do you create a year in review cd/dvd?  What a fun way to store your annual dvd/cd?

The ideas are endless.  Please be sure to leave me a comment if you use this tutorial to create one of your own.  I'd love to share your creation and link back to you!

Ok, so let's get started!

You start with a 6x6 My Creations Memory Showcase

I covered the pages with paper from the Passages Level 2 Paper Pack

Create a cut-out so that you can see where the cd is.

I started by tracing the Circle Template 2 from the pattern DVD for the Wishes book.  You could look around your house or stamp table for something round that is similar in size.

I wanted to make sure that my cut-outs lined up perfectly, so I cut through both of the inside pages at the same time...which left me with some jagged edges.  You could avoid this by cutting through one page at a time or by using an exacto knife.  The scissors bite into the pages because of the odd angle.  You'll understand what I'm saying as soon as you try to start cutting. ;-)

Thankfully I had the awesome finishing files handy so I just used them to finish off the edges and sand away the rough edges.

Now that you have your opening cut, it's time to glue the pages together.  You'll need a strong adhesive.  Please note you need to raise the tape up a bit higher on the bottom or the cd will fall to the bottom of the pocket and you won't be able to see it in the cutout. 

I used a wider than usual adhesive tape on this one so my pocket ended up being really snug.  Learn from me and use something a little more narrow!

Now it's time for the fun part!!  You can embellish with a few photos that are included on the cd.  Add quotes or sayings...whatever your little heart desires.  On this one I decorated it with pictures from our beautiful Sedona bike ride and then put a cd with the rest of the pictures in the pocket.  It's a fun memento for someone that went with me on that trip...hmmm.... I wonder who's getting some happy mail.  (assuming I finally go to the post office and mail it!)

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