Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Salads for Crops

I'm in the middle of big project designs, but nothing is finished so no photos... What is a girl to do?  Why not share some of my favorite salads that have appeared at our monthly crops?  My customers not only create amazing scrapbook pages and cards, but they also "create" in the kitchen.. Yummy!!!

Please forgive me if I mess up any of the recipes.  This is what I remember.  Feel free to correct me in the comments.

Jessica's Fruit Salad
Fruit cocktail
Cool Whip
A couple of tablespoons of dry pudding mix

I fell in love with Jessica's salad and have changed and adapted it a million ways.  I've used vanilla and banana pudding mixes.  I've also created it with fresh fruit.  I've added chopped bananas.  And now that I'm writing this I'm wondering if it would be good with lemon pudding...hmmm...  I've also used sugar free pudding and fat free cool whip.  Turns out great everytime.  Easy Peasy and yummy!

Patty's Creations
Ok, Patty is the salad queen.  She puts together the most amazing ingredients and it always tastes good! She has brought us oriental salads, chicken salads, green salads..... One of my favorite ideas that she shared is....
Chop up your cucumber, bell pepper, celery, carrots, etc.  and put it in a dish with your dressing.  Then just add to your salad each day.  Yummy!  No need to bring an extra container for dressing.  It's already mixed in. 

Crop Stop Salad
Years ago I went to a Crop Stop Crop and the hostess made a yummy salad with ...
Bowtie Pasta
Chopped Chicken
Dried cranberries
Vidalia Onion dressing

To die for!!!!

Barbie's Creations
And then there's Barbie... Oh my... Barbie made us THE most delicious chicken salad on Saturday.  I never did hear what she put in it, but this is generally how the conversation goes every single month:

Me:  Barbie, your __________ is delicious
Barbie: Oh, it's just stuff I had on hand that I threw together.

There never seems to be a "recipe,"  She's just one of those amazing cooks that knows what to put together.  Maybe someday we can coax her to share a couple of recipes.  She also makes incredible potato soup.  Yummmmm

I've only highlighted a few fav's here.  So don't be hurt if I didn't mention you. Maybe I'm saving it for a future issue of foods Dawn loves at crops. LOL.

So tell me?  What is your favorite summer salad?  Let's have a virtual crop with a Salad Potluck.  What are you bringing?
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