Sunday, January 31, 2010

February Stamp of the Month Blog Hop!

Woo Hoo!  It's blog hop time again and I have a fun surprise for you!!! (If you came here from Terrie's Blog, you're on the right path.)

If you've been following my blog lately you'll know that I have been working my way through the Wishes Card Confidence book.  Well today I'm showing the first card workshop in the book and I used the Feburary Stamp of the Month on all of the cards!
The card workshop consists of 12 cards (two each of six designs) so I have SIX different cards to share with you!!

When I was creating the cards, I felt like the plain background was just a little too plain for I whipped out my spot on backgrounds set and played around.  I love how the polka dot backgound ties right in with the polka dots on the cakes!  Too Fun.

Supplies Used:
Paper - Topstitch Paper Back
Inks and Markers - Baby Pink, Heavenly Blue, Grey Flannel and Chocolate
Embellishments - Chocolate Ribbon Rounds and Pastel Edge Anchors
Stamp Set - Spot On Backgrounds

Next up on the hop is Brae.  Head on over and see what she came up with!

Wishes Project #8 and #9

I'm working my way through the Wishes Card Confidence Program. One pattern at a time, in order...and today we're on pattern numbers 8 and 9. To see all the other Wishes posts simply click on the Wishes Project in the sidebar under labels. Ready to purchase your own copy and play along? Email me to place your order or visit my website and order online.

Bonus - I'm featuring two cards today.  Partly because they are small - 3x3 and partly because.....part of the deal was to do the cards in order and I have a super cool surprise ready to go for the Stamp of the Month blog hop scheduled for February 1st.... so I had to step things up a bit and get these all posted.  I've got to follow my own rules you know. :-P

Pattern #8 - Middle Ground

Pattern #9 - Layered Look

Products Used:

  • Paper - Topstitch

  • Inks - Baby Pink, Heavenly Blue and Chocolate

  • Stamp Set: A1103 A Love

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wishes #7 Name Plate

I'm working my way through the Wishes Card Confidence Program. One pattern at a time, in order...and today we're on pattern number 7. To see all the other Wishes posts simply click on the word Wishes Project in the sidebar under labels. Ready to purchase your own copy and play along? Email me to place your order or visit my website and order online.

I'm getting ready to feature the Topstitch Paper Pack and Workshop on the Go at my next workshop so the next few cards will be using the papers I had leftover in my kit after completing the layout and cards featured in the workshop.  I had to add some cardstock for card bases, but all of the patterned paper is from the kit and let me tell you.... I made a ton of cards and four more scrapbook pages!!!

Nameplate is a 3x6 card.  I love the 3x6 cards because they fit in the small bill size envelopes.  It's kind of fun to send something other than the traditional 4.25 x 5.5 card.

Paper - Topstitch
Inks - Baby Pink, Heavenly Blue, Vineyard Berry and Chocolate for the sponging
Stamp Set - A1103 A Love

Friday, January 29, 2010

Stamp Kissing Valentines Video

Woo Hoo!  I'm making videos again!  I did a few way back when, but always had to bug poor Josh to help me.  Well I need to make two videos for CTMH soon (a contest and a teaching submission) so I decided I'd better practice and figure it out myself.

So here's my first attempt.  I did it all in one take and didn't try anything fancy....but I think it's still ok.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wishes #5 Framework

I'm working my way through the Wishes Card Confidence Program. One pattern at a time, in order...and today we're on pattern number 5. To see all the other Wishes posts simply click on Wishes Project in the sidebar under labels. Ready to purchase your own copy and play along? Email me to place your order or visit my website and order online.

Here is pattern number 5 - Framework

This is a 5x7 card.  Once again I used the Felicity Paper Pack and Stamp Set (Please note, you only have a couple more days to get this Kit!!  January 31, 2010 is the last day to order!)

Inks used: Chocolate and Twilight

Monday, January 25, 2010

Valentine Fun

Ok, so I've been at home for almost a week with a health problem.  (Very minor and I had a little outpatient procedure done and I am totally fine!!!!!) Anyway, I was bored, bored bored...couldn't stamp or sit or stand or walk so it was just me, painkillers, the tv and my laptop for a while.  At some point during the fun ordeal I saw a great post on a blog....which I cannot find now!!!!  So I totally apologize.  I have no idea who to credit for inspiration.

What I remember is a cute little nugget tin filled with little doodads to make Valentines. 

I saw it and thought..hmmm... I have nugget tins....  Only to find that I had 1 nugget tin....not tins... But I found 3 mini lunchboxes in my stash and so the fun began.

First I stamped a bunch of different hearts using several different stamp sets.  When you work for Close To My tend to have a lot of Heart stamp sets ya know....  You loyal CTMH customers and friends will probably recognize some of the retro paper!!  It's retired now, but I still have a lot in my stash so I decided to use some up.  Here's just a small sampling of some of the items I put in the tins.

And as all stampers know.... you have to have chocolate to sustain you when you make your cards, so I included a little goodie bag of chocolate. 

Kit Contents:

  • 10 Blank 3x3 cards to be used as cards or bag toppers

  • 10 empty goodie bags

  • Covered glue stick

  • Assorted hearts

  • 1/2 inch strips of watermelon cardstock

  • 1 1/4 inch strips of black cardstock (before I put them through the scallop punch)

  • Assorted Watermelon squares (3x3 and 2.75x2.75)
Then of  course I had to make a little card to put inside.  Plus they could use the card and baggie of chocolate as samples to copy when they created their own Valentine Fun!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wishes #4 Sundial

I'm working my way through the Wishes Card Confidence Program. One pattern at a time, in order...and today we're on pattern number 4. To see all the other Wishes posts simply click on the word Wishes Project in the sidebar under labels. Ready to purchase your own copy and play along? Email me to place your order or visit my website and order online.

I'm still playing with the Felicity Paper Pack and stamp set and I've barely made a dent in my paper!  I used the leftover pieces from the My Creations All Sorts Mini-Album - click here to see the post with pictures - to create these cards.

Both cards feature the same paper.  I just flipped the paper over to use the opposite print for the second card.

Supplies Used:
Felicity Paper Pack and Stamp Set
Added Bamboo and Chocolate Cardstock
Ink: Twilight, Bamboo and Chocolate

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thank You and Happy Mail!!

I just have to thank everyone for all the wonderful comments and emails!!  I am really enjoying my Wishes project and I am so glad that you are enjoying it with me.  I think part of the fun is that I can use anything in my stamp room!!  I don't have to make sure I use current products.  I don't have to make 10 for a swap.  I don't have to make kits for a class.  I just concentrate on one card at a time and I play with it until I like it... or mostly like it... there's one coming up that I really struggled with.....and a few that I absolutely love.  (They are scheduled for the February 1st SOTM Blog hop!)


I got HAPPY MAIL!!!!  Check out what my friend Linda Taylor sent to me!!!!

She saw my post about being a lazy stamper....about avoiding cards that required me to print the patterns... and she printed all the patterns for me!!!!!!!!!!!!  And included an adorable card with the exact stamp set I was using.  Stay tuned...those cards will be posted starting tomorrow.

What a fun surprise!  Thank you Linda!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Felicity Fun

Close To My Heart is celebrating National Papercrafting Month with another amazing kit!  I took one third of the kit (the blues) to create this cute mini I just need to decide what pictures to put in it..hmmm....

Here's a close-up of one of my favorite pages because....the diamond background is stamped!!!  The stamp set includes this cool diamond shape that can easily be stamped over and over to create a fun background!!

Supplies Used:
Z1224 My Creations All-Sorts Mini Album only $5.95!!
Felicity Kit $34.95 (Free with a $60 stamp order or free with $125 product order see my website for details!)
One sheet of Bamboo Cardstock and some Colonial White scraps for stamping
Inks: Bamboo and Twilight

Want more to see more ideas, tips and techniques featuring this adorable kit?  Check out Close To My Heart's blog.  Each day this month they are celebrating by sharing something can enter to win goodies!!  So go check it out!  National Papercrafting Month Blog

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Product Blog Hop and Wishes #3

Close To My Heart New Product Blog Hop

Two Birds - One Stone! LOL. I'm working my way through the Wishes book this year and I signed up to do the Close To My Heart New Product Blog Hop so I combined them both for today's post!

Today I am doing the 3rd pattern in the Wishes Book called It's a Wrap (pg. 12). My This cute pattern is actually a sleeve that goes over a 4.25 x 5.5 piece of cardstock.

I think it would be great to put a gift card inside!!

Supplies Used:
Z293 Photo Hangers
z1276 Colonial White Mini-Medley (ribbon)
Inks: Heavenly Blue, Chocolate and Baby Pink
X7120B Topstitch Level 2 Paper Pack
D1361 Thank You

Please note: I actually used the Topstitch Workshop on the Go Kit which includes the paper pack, stamp set and Colonial White mini-medley's. Ask your consultant about the WOTG kits! They are an awesome value!!! could substitute C1385 Charmed for the stamp set I used and get a similar look.

Now hop on over to Kimberly's blog to see what she's featuring!

Here's a complete list of participants in case you get lost on the hop, or a link isn't working.

Erin Herring
Lisa Stenz
Brae Montogmery
Carla Ironside
Helen Onulak
Adeline Brill
Jody Gustafson
Haley Dyer
Antoinette Herrin
Sherrie Thornton
Jessica Moore
Wendy Kessler
Dawn Ross
Dawn Heuft
Kimberly Smith
Amy Edwards
Amy Schultz

Weekend Fun!

(Despite asking my customers to REMIND me to take pictures. LOL
This is the only one I took. But what a cute picture of Chris and Shelli!!)
My weekend started out great with another fun crop with my friends/customers!! I just love the wonderful group that comes to my crops/workshops. They help and encourage each other, share ideas and bring the most amazing food. Yummy!!!

This month we did the Caboodle Workshop on the Go from Close To My Heart. And as you know...if you've been following my blog lately... I was a LITTLE obsessed with this paper pack. I kept creating and creating and creating.... I added some neutral cardstock for extra card bases, but I only used the patterned paper and colored cardstock included in the kit and check out what I made!!!!
The board has the layout and cards featured in the WOTG kit. There are six cards and a two page layout. Then I made 12 more cards....
But before I start making cards, I use the extra papers to create two additional layouts each month (4 pages). I had to add 2 pieces of Buttercup cardstock for the first layout and you can use any color cardstock you want for the second layout because it's completely covered. I believe both of these are from Imagine. One is Salsa...and I can't remember what the other one is called....

I try to make sure at least one layout is quick and simple.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Wishes Project - #2 Keyhole

In the spirit of the movie Julie/Julia, I am working my way through the Wishes Card Confidence pattern at a order....

And so I'm already wondering why I decided to do the cards in order. LOL. I looked ahead and saw a couple I wanted to skip because I am lazy!! I believe it is card #3 (next card?) that is already going to test my honesty. It LOOKS like a standard size card and I could probably make a standard size card and you would NEVER know... but apparently it has some secret folding thing. Something where I have to print out a pattern and follow and....not... cheat....

Now that I've told you, I'll probably have to photograph it in such a way as to prove that I did follow the directions.

And in the middle of the night last night I suddenly realized there are a couple of card workshop things in there. You know the ones where you make like 16 cards!! I'm sure hoping that each pattern in the workshop is counted separately or there's going to be a couple of busy weeks this year. :-)

But seriously, I am enjoying this! The challenge is inspiring me and I have lots of plans...

And now, on to card #2. I love, love, love this card. In person it is sooo cute. So cute that I had to make a few of them.... As you can see, the caboodle paper pack is still on my stamping table, as well as the stamp set Childhood Portrait.


And now I'm off to print the pattern for card number three....honestly!!

Easel Card

Here's a little sneak peek at a project we'll be doing at my workshop on Saturday. We'll be making a similar card, but with different stamps. Gotta use the stamp of the know.. :-)

I used the Caboodle Paper Pack and the Childhood Portrait stamp set.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Wishes Project - #1 Simple Statement

Last night I watched Julie/Julia. Ok, so I only watched part of it last night before exhaustion took over. This morning I popped it into the laptop and watched the rest of it while I was stamping, and an idea started to formulate.....

Why not work my way through the Wishes book this year? I use the book all the time, but usually I flip through and find something that fits the set I want to use, or the paper I have available or something quick and easy.... I steer away from ones that look "complicated."

So, in the spirit of Julie/Julia, here's the plan...

Please join me on my journey as I work my way through Jeanette Lynton's Card Confidence Program featured in Wishes. I will start at the beginning and create the cards in order. I have 85 cards to complete in 52 weeks. My goal will be to complete 2 cards a week so that I finish ahead of schedule and allow for vacations, hubby's home time and stampers "block

As encouraged by Close To My Heart, I reserve the right to adjust cards to suit my needs and will try to flip designs in multiple directions to show versatility.

So let's go - Card #1 Simple Statement

Paper - X7121B Caboodle
Ink - Crystal Blue
Stamp Set - d1373 Childhood Portrait