Saturday, January 02, 2010

Wishes Project - #1 Simple Statement

Last night I watched Julie/Julia. Ok, so I only watched part of it last night before exhaustion took over. This morning I popped it into the laptop and watched the rest of it while I was stamping, and an idea started to formulate.....

Why not work my way through the Wishes book this year? I use the book all the time, but usually I flip through and find something that fits the set I want to use, or the paper I have available or something quick and easy.... I steer away from ones that look "complicated."

So, in the spirit of Julie/Julia, here's the plan...

Please join me on my journey as I work my way through Jeanette Lynton's Card Confidence Program featured in Wishes. I will start at the beginning and create the cards in order. I have 85 cards to complete in 52 weeks. My goal will be to complete 2 cards a week so that I finish ahead of schedule and allow for vacations, hubby's home time and stampers "block

As encouraged by Close To My Heart, I reserve the right to adjust cards to suit my needs and will try to flip designs in multiple directions to show versatility.

So let's go - Card #1 Simple Statement

Paper - X7121B Caboodle
Ink - Crystal Blue
Stamp Set - d1373 Childhood Portrait

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