Monday, January 04, 2010

Wishes Project - #2 Keyhole

In the spirit of the movie Julie/Julia, I am working my way through the Wishes Card Confidence pattern at a order....

And so I'm already wondering why I decided to do the cards in order. LOL. I looked ahead and saw a couple I wanted to skip because I am lazy!! I believe it is card #3 (next card?) that is already going to test my honesty. It LOOKS like a standard size card and I could probably make a standard size card and you would NEVER know... but apparently it has some secret folding thing. Something where I have to print out a pattern and follow and....not... cheat....

Now that I've told you, I'll probably have to photograph it in such a way as to prove that I did follow the directions.

And in the middle of the night last night I suddenly realized there are a couple of card workshop things in there. You know the ones where you make like 16 cards!! I'm sure hoping that each pattern in the workshop is counted separately or there's going to be a couple of busy weeks this year. :-)

But seriously, I am enjoying this! The challenge is inspiring me and I have lots of plans...

And now, on to card #2. I love, love, love this card. In person it is sooo cute. So cute that I had to make a few of them.... As you can see, the caboodle paper pack is still on my stamping table, as well as the stamp set Childhood Portrait.


And now I'm off to print the pattern for card number three....honestly!!
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