Thursday, July 10, 2014

CTMH Convention Recap - Post #1 - 2014

It has taken me a while to get home and get settled, but now I'm finally ready to start posting my convention recaps.  While I typically enjoy myself at convention, I truly think this one was my absolute favorite!!!!

My trip started when Gail and I headed up on Tuesday, June 24 and we met up with our buddy Linda Taylor.  Gail, Linda, Karen and I have become great friends over the years and have had a lot of fun connecting at the corporate events.  At some point we started calling ourselves the "Fab Four" because when we get together and share all of our ideas it is truly....fabulous!!!  We learn so much from each other and it is so fun to see how differently we run our businesses.

Well Karen had to make the difficult decision to NOT join us this year.  We were incredibly bummed and couldn't imagine convention without her so we decided to bring along "Flat Karen."  Linda sent the picture off to Staples and had it added to foam board and Flat Karen was born...  Many, many bouts of laughter we shared as we planned our adventure....

At the last minute, my hubby ended up being in town so we decided to include him in our Disney trip.  After all, the fab four needed a photographer!! Rick was such a good sport and so much fun that we might actually have to make him an honorary member. While we wore our "Mickey" glow in the dark ears proudly, Rick spent the evening creating different shapes with his "ears."  I happened to catch the Viking look...but they also appeared as pretzels.  I wish I had thought to photograph all the fabulous looks he came up with!

Flat Karen sure made Disneyland fun.  She popped up everywhere and photo bombed us throughout the night.  I think she entertained more than a few people in the lines we waited in too.  In fact one group saw our hats and said.  "We only see three of the fab four..." They laughed when we pulled out Flat Karen.  

Here are a few pics from the evening.  Come back tomorrow to see what adventures Karen had during Leadership day at convention.