Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Manager's Meeting

Well I had to cancel scrapbook club because of the nasty flu bug, so I still can't post some fun things I've created... Thankfully my Close To My Heart upline hosted a fabulous manager's meeting so I can post something fun.

(Shhhh.....don't tell her about this picture. I'm hoping she's busy with the holiday rush and doesn't come check my blog until I send this to her... and if you're here Bren... Surprise!!! This is what we did when you went to pick up our fabulous lunch!)

First let me say... we are soooo spoiled!!! Bren always goes above and beyond for all of our fun events and this was no exception.

At our place setting we each had one of these fun canvas bags? filled with goodies.
Including this gorgeous watch!
Then we created!!! Here's a recruiting board featuring one of the Good Times paper pack.
And an adorable little journal!

We also created a cute little purse/packet using a sheet protector, but apparently I forgot to take a picture of it. Ooops.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I wanted a clean start...

Ok, so it's that most magical time of year...when everything revolves around food.... and while my eating habits have certainly changed, I have still indulged in a bit more than I'm used to. So this week I recommitted myself. I made some yummy taco soup and I was well on the way to recovery when I got a little help in the form of stomach flu.

Yep, it's been fun around our house. Poor Joshua and I got it at the same time. I think the only thing worse than having stomach flu, is getting it at the same time as your son, so that you feel completely useless. I had to call a friend and ask her to leave a 7-Up delivery on my porch. Thankfully she thought to leave some crackers too.

We're both on the mend now. Actually I think one of us is mending quicker than the other. He just called me on my cell phone (our primary mode of communication through this ordeal) and asked me to take him to Taco Bell for dinner. While it wouldn't be my first choice, at least I don't have to prepare it, cook it, smell it or eat it, so he just might get what he wants....if I can dredge up the energy to drive the car.

So, I guess this falls under the "be careful what you wish for" category. I've got a clean start and I dropped 8 pounds in one day, but it wasn't the most enjoyable experience. Of course cookies and candy and holiday treats have lost their hold on me so maybe I'll be able to re-focus and lose those 8 pounds for real.

Monday, December 10, 2007

This and That

No pictures to post today, but rather than get back in a blogging slump I thought I'd give a little written update of all that I have been working on....

1) Top secret gifts for my friday night scrapbook club. Since I know some of them read the blog, mums the word....but I'm having a terrible time keeping it a secret!

2) Knitting, knitting, knitting... yep I've been working on the log cabin blanket that I started for Rick last year. It's too big to really lug around like I used to and I took a little break from working on it over the summer, but now that it's cold and I'm still on the "I'm not allowed to walk" program, I've been knitting in the car during the chilly mornings when Josh is in seminary.

3) Crochet - My portable, take everywhere project is a soft yellow baby blanket for a friend who loves the color yellow.

4) I've made several layouts for Josh's Europe album, but since the picture party has been postponed, it's no longer on the "hot priority" list. I'm planning to take pictures of the layouts I've finished tonight.

5) Cookie Exchange. Yep, I got suckered into the cookie exchange again this year and no it did not escape me that Laura increased the amount of cookies to 10 dozen!!! I got them done and packaged up and I forgot to take a picture!!! But I won the prize for best displayed cookies, so you'll have to take my word for it that they looked cute in their little packages. :-)

6) Last night we went to the stake Christmas program and it was absolutely beautiful. The choir sounded so professional. They are performing on the temple grounds next Sunday. I might just have to go see them again. Speaking of performances, if you want to experience some good old fashioned Christmas spirit, I highly recommend catching one of the choir performanances at the San Diego Temple. Every night a different choir performs. It's especially fun right now, when it's so chilly. (I'm looking around to see if I can find a schedule, but so far no luck. I know they start at 7pm though)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Delivery Day

Ok my blog reading friends, this is the depths I go to in order to post pictures on my blog... Yesterday I got home and saw 4 beautiful boxes of Close To My Heart bounty on my porch. Did I dive in with a pair of scissors and open the boxes? No, I carried all my stuff into the house, reached into my purse for my camera and.... came up empty handed.

Where is my camera? I spent the next 45 minutes searching for my camera. I have a teeny tiny purse and many electronic gadgets. (palm pilot, phone, camera, ipod) It all barely fits in and sometimes it tips over from the weight and spills everything out... Could my camera have fallen out?

I checked the car.
I looked by the computer.
I looked at the stamp tables.
Finally I moved a few items on the stamp tables.... and I found my blessed camera.

I went outside, took my pictures, discovered I really need to paint the stairs and sweep the carport and then....I opened my boxes!!!!!

I won't lie. I always love a new catalog and my list is always bigger than my budget, but I think this is THE best catalog we have gotten in a long time. So many fun things to choose from. I think my customers will all want to come see me in January!!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Dr. Happy Feet

Just a quick plug for a great podiatrist. After a bad experience last week with a podiatrist at my HMO, today I went to be fitted for orthotics. This doctor was nice and cheerful and helpful and hey, she actually listened to my questions and concerns. She actually looked at the shoes I brought in and understood why I didn't like them. Thank goodness I didn't go out and buy the shoes the first doctor told me to to get.

Not only did I get some great, practical advice that fits my situation and my feet, but getting casted for orthotics is quite the pleasant experience! It was like getting a nice warm foot massage. The casting material felt really good. I'm already happier about spending $300 on orthotics.

Good news is that things may not be as bleak as Dr. Doom and Gloom made it sound. Of course, maybe I should thank him. His tales of horror did motivate me to actually go get the orthotics.

So, if you have to see a podiatrist, and you're in San Diego, my vote is for Dr. Forg on 32nd street. I have to go back and see Dr. Gloom and Doom again in a couple of months. Let's hope that visit goes better. If not, I'm thinking I might fill out one of those follow-up questionnaires they always send me.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Monogram Gifts

I've been busy working on gifts for Rick's dispatchers. Gotta keep the ladies that keep him moving happy! A good dispatcher and load planner can make all the difference.

I'm sending a bunch of the nugget boxes I posted a few days ago so that they can share them with the office/dispatch team and then I'm sending Cindy and Patty these great monogram card sets.

The blue set with the snowflakes are for the dispatchers. I had so much fun making theirs, that I whipped up a set for a friend at church. Her birthday is tomorrow.

All products are Close To My Heart. Both sets use the Baroque alphabet and Playful Flourishes. The blue set is Moonstruck paper and ink and I used the snowflakes I posted a couple of days ago for the embellishment on the box. The other set is Garnet ink and paper.