Monday, December 03, 2007

Dr. Happy Feet

Just a quick plug for a great podiatrist. After a bad experience last week with a podiatrist at my HMO, today I went to be fitted for orthotics. This doctor was nice and cheerful and helpful and hey, she actually listened to my questions and concerns. She actually looked at the shoes I brought in and understood why I didn't like them. Thank goodness I didn't go out and buy the shoes the first doctor told me to to get.

Not only did I get some great, practical advice that fits my situation and my feet, but getting casted for orthotics is quite the pleasant experience! It was like getting a nice warm foot massage. The casting material felt really good. I'm already happier about spending $300 on orthotics.

Good news is that things may not be as bleak as Dr. Doom and Gloom made it sound. Of course, maybe I should thank him. His tales of horror did motivate me to actually go get the orthotics.

So, if you have to see a podiatrist, and you're in San Diego, my vote is for Dr. Forg on 32nd street. I have to go back and see Dr. Gloom and Doom again in a couple of months. Let's hope that visit goes better. If not, I'm thinking I might fill out one of those follow-up questionnaires they always send me.
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