Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Delivery Day

Ok my blog reading friends, this is the depths I go to in order to post pictures on my blog... Yesterday I got home and saw 4 beautiful boxes of Close To My Heart bounty on my porch. Did I dive in with a pair of scissors and open the boxes? No, I carried all my stuff into the house, reached into my purse for my camera and.... came up empty handed.

Where is my camera? I spent the next 45 minutes searching for my camera. I have a teeny tiny purse and many electronic gadgets. (palm pilot, phone, camera, ipod) It all barely fits in and sometimes it tips over from the weight and spills everything out... Could my camera have fallen out?

I checked the car.
I looked by the computer.
I looked at the stamp tables.
Finally I moved a few items on the stamp tables.... and I found my blessed camera.

I went outside, took my pictures, discovered I really need to paint the stairs and sweep the carport and then....I opened my boxes!!!!!

I won't lie. I always love a new catalog and my list is always bigger than my budget, but I think this is THE best catalog we have gotten in a long time. So many fun things to choose from. I think my customers will all want to come see me in January!!
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