Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Baby Boom

We bought hubby a new hamster for his birthday. We've always "said" the hamsters were for Josh, but hubby is the big softie that gets all attached to them. Ok, so we all get attached. Some of us just get more attached than others..... Anyway, six days later it appears that we now have 7 cute little hamsters.

Last time this happened we were all a bit surprised and freaked out. This time.... it's party time. We are all so excited. We even put the video camera on a tripod so that we can watch them on the tv without bugging them. We call it "hamster vision." It's the craziest thing. All three of us will sit there and watch them forever. They are growing so fast. They don't have eyes or hair yet, but they have teeny tiny teeth.

Roxy is such a good mom so far. She's just a baby herself, yet she took to them right away. Sometimes she seems a little freaked out. She runs around the cage and looks kind of agitated, but so far she has taken good care of all of them. I suppose I'd be a little agitated if I had six babies that wanted to nurse constantly too. She's probably looking for a way to escape.

Stay tuned fo baby pictures.
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