Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Tamale Day

Every year I look forward to going to my Dad's house to help my Step-Mom and Step-Sisters make tamales. Since I'm such a messy tamale maker, I have to wear an apron. Somehow I get masa everywhere. The past couple of years I have thought it would be fun to make "tamale" aprons. Usually I come up with the brilliant idea while we are making the tamales, or as I'm walking out the door to go.

This year I thought of it earlier. In fact I even tried to sucker my step-mom into helping me make them, but she didn't take the hint.
About a week or so later, I actually bought some cute Christmas fabric and a pattern. Then I got busy.

The day before I told my friend Gail that I had thought about making the aprons and had even bought the fabric. Being the good friend that she is, she said "You have to do it!"

Ok, ok.... so I got busy and I made four aprons. I stayed up until midnight and then finished them up in the morning...1 hour before I had to be at Dad's house and I am soooo glad I did it. I'll need to make a few more next year. Four doesn't even begin to outfit everyone who stops by to help, but it was a start....
Here are the completed aprons.

After we were done, they adorned the wall in the kitchen.

Not everyone helps with the tamales, there are always other fun projects around to do. Cassie, Lucy and Leah made the gingerbread houses. They turned out sooo cute!

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