Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Here I am!

Man, when you get out of a routine, it's so hard to get back on track. I have lots to tell and lots of pictures to share (after I take them!), but to get back on track I will share a couple of things I have on my camera now....
My last crop/workshop was on flag day so I encouraged everyone to wear their red/white/blue and their flags... and they did!!! We had a great time and the potluck was awesome!

After taking about a week off the bike during graduation and hubby's home time, I'm back at it and went for my longest ride so far. Now I know that this photo doesn't show me on the bike, but the bike had to get there somehow...right??!!

Jane, Candace and I drove down to Coronado and rode along the Silver Strand from Coronado to Imperial Beach and back. My magnet on my bike computer wasn't quite aligned and it took several adjustments to get it working. I finally got it fixed at the halfway point, so it appears that we rode almost 16 miles!! Woo Hoo! I'm used to riding hard hills around the house and I never dreamed I could ride that far. Now I can't wait to ride more!

I'm still not too adept at handling a bike and taking photos and I haven't added any cool gear to the bike so that I can stow my camera this is the best picture I could come up with. At least you can see water and sand. I guess I'll have to go again and try to get better photos :-) (I got a new phone - Palm Centro - so I'm thinking that might help a little.)

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