Wednesday, November 12, 2008

20 Cards - From Art and Soul

I have been on a cardmaking binge lately and I am loving it. I actually have a nice little stash of cards made up. Who knows, maybe I'll actually mail a few. That would be a miracle!! I am soooo bad about mailing stuff. Seriously! It's worse now that I commute by bike (you knew I'd work the bike into the post somehow....) I only have the car on Fridays and there are so many errands to squeeze into one little lunch hour.

I have a new plan though..... I'm putting together a little box of cards to keep at my desk at work. I'm stopping at the post office on my way back to the office today (chiropractor appointment) and I'm going to put some stamps in the box and then....then... I will be out of excuses. When I think "oh no, it's _____ birthday and I didn't mail a card." I shall pull out my little box of treasures and mail one out. It makes me feel organized just thinking about it.

So, why the card making binge? It all started with the latest Art and Soul episode on my website. They made 20 Christmas cards with a level 2 paper pack and still had paper left over! I wanted to show my customers the cards in person, so I made the cards using a totally different paper pack and I was hooked!! It just opened the creative flood gates and before I knew it I was using all sorts of scraps of paper to make cards.

For some reason, I only have pictures of 16...wonder where the other cards went?? They're probably on my table somewhere...

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