Friday, October 23, 2009

Bridge to Tarabithia

Last night I went to see CYT's production of Bridge To Tarabithia at the East County Performing Arts Center. They did such a great job!! It was opening night and there were lots of parents in the crowd and I'm sure they were proud! Everyone was wonderful, but I think that Dallas Perry's Rhythm of the Rain in Scene 7 was absolutely amazing!!!! I don't want to give it away, but if you know the story then you know it's a tear jerker and his portrayal was heart wrenching!
Of course the highlight for me was getting to see Shelli's daughter Ashley play Miss Edmunds. She was the cool hippie music teacher and she did a fabulous job and has a beautiful voice.
Fun times!
I often forget or don't make time to do things like this and I'm soooo glad I made it to this one. Need something to do this weekend? Why not take the family to see a play?!
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