Thursday, December 03, 2009

Day 4 - Christmas Blog Blitz

Day 4 - My Creations 9 x 9 Memory Showcase - Share your ideas for this in the comments. I'm addicted to them now and would love to create more!

I'm almost embarassed to say how long I have had this in my stash (Item Z1198). It was so easy and so much fun to embellish that now I am hooked and I already ordered another one....

My inlaws bought us tickets to fly out during Christmas break so I thought it would be a good idea to create something to document the trip. My plan is to take some family pictures the first couple of days we are there, then get them printed and add them to this before we leave.

I precut some journaling squares and stamped images to add around the pictures so that all I have to bring with me is a paper trimmer and adhesive. I like the idea of leaving them some instant memories and now they won't have to wait for me to send them pictures later!

It's an accordian display/book - above is the first set of pages and below is the second set.

And here is the inside stretched out a bit.

Here are the two pages that are on the back

The back side stretched out shows a view of the front cover and the back cover.

All together there are 8 surfaces you can scrapbook.
Items Used
9x9 My Creations Memory Showcase (also available 6x6)
Everlasting Paper Pack (I believe this showed up on the Holiday Heyday Sale. You can always substitute another paper pack if it's sold out already. )
Heartfelt Christmas Stamp Set (more ideas for my club girls to use with their set!)
Additional Ideas
Use a more year round paper so they can display it longer.
Holiday Recipes - works great because you can stand it up on your counter while you're cooking.
Create a year of memories - Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall (2 pages each)

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