Thursday, July 15, 2010

My box is here...

My box is here and I'm gonna take some pictures
hey la, hey la, my box is here...
(Sung to the tune of My Boyfriend's Back and You're gonna be in trouble...)

Ok, so I'm typing this early in the morning and technically my box won't arrive until sometime later today when I'm at work, but I've had this silly little song rolling around in my head.  I guess I'm excited to get my convention artwork back, eh?

And as if that wasn't enough excitement for one Close To My Heart consultant, my new product is on it's way too!  It's going to be like Christmas at my house soon. 

Thank goodness I have a few things to keep me busy while I'm waiting.
  • Take pictures of artwork tonight
  • Bike Ride tomorrow
  • Finish prep and goodies for Saturday's workshop
  • Saturday I'll be hanging with my buds at my workshop
  • Sunday is church and hopefully I'll edit a couple of videos I shot
  • And then Monday, Monday, Monday... hmmm...maybe I'll play with goodies on Monday....
And now here are a few random pictures from DC... first up... a totally unattractive but fun picture of me on the plane with my buddy Gail!  We took about five of these photos. LOL  What can I say...we were bored and we were on a plane for a VERY, VERY, VERY long time... (we spent about two hours on the runway waiting to take off.  Joy!)

My good friend Heather was so sweet!  I pointed out the totally decadent kettle chip creation on the Cadillac Ranch menu so she ordered it and forced me to try them.  (friend or foe...hmmm... LOL. I got a taste and didn't eat the whole plate so I'm thinking friend!) Oh my!!  They were delicious.  And check out the "wedge" salad in the background.  I do believe that is a whole head of lettuce. LOL.

Sunset in National Harbor... I'm directionally challenged and all I could see is water so I guess the sun sets over the water on the East Coast too. LOL

The tour bus driver for one of the tours our roomies did, suggested an inexpensive organic place to eat.  Since sandwiches were $9 at the hotel, it was quite refreshing to get a burger and fries for less than that!!  And it was all organic too. Organic does mean low calorie, right?  I got my burger wrapped in lettuce so I could have some fries.  Of course some of my table mates tried to say that since the fries were fried in olive oil they were low-cal too...hmmmm...

But seriously, my burger was absolutely delicious, so if you visit National Harbor, check out Elevation Burger. 

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