Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wrap it Up! Christmas #3

One of the best things about being a papercrafter and owning a Cricut, is the ability to create something to go with any theme.  The theme for our holiday potluck this year is Reindeer.  I was given the task to design reindeer chinese boxes. I checked out Pinterest and Google for some inspiration and looked for images on the CTMH Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge and came up with this.....

Isn't it adorable?  But wait, they are even cuter when there is a whole herd of them hanging out together!

Art Philosophy Cartridge
Chinese Box - Pg. 24

  • Key - Shift/Drgnfly
  • Size - Fit to page 12 x 12 paper
  • Feature - Font Layer 
Art Philosophy Cartridge
Eyes/Nose - Pg 21
  • Key - Circle 1
  • Size - eyes 1/2 inch   Nose 3/4 inch
  • I added the white on the eyes with our new chalk marker which I absolutely love!!!!
Art Philosophy Cartridge
Antlers - Pg 56
  • Key - Shift/Leaf 4
  • Size - 3.5 inches (I think.  I tried several sizes between 3 inches and 4 inches)
  • Feature - Layer
Art Philosophy Cartridge
Ears - Pg 38

  • Key Shift Flower 7
  • Size - 3"
  • Feature - Layer
  • I cut the flower petals off to create 6 ears. 

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