Thursday, May 12, 2005

What's for dinner?

What's For Dinner Posted by Hello

Yesterday I started thinking about that dreaded question I hear every day when I get home from work "What's For Dinner?" And since my brain seems to take huge leaps from one subject to the next... in a matter of moments I was thinking about a scrapbook page.

We actually had a lot of fun talking about our favorite meals and our not so favorite meals. I guess I've overdone the whole salmon thing. Joshua doesn't want another piece of salmon....ever!

This is the first 9x9 layout I've made. When I first cut the paper and put it in front of me it seemed so tiny, but it worked out perfectly for this type of page where I have little or no photos. I'm planning to add a photo to the page on the left... either a picture of us at the dinner table, or a picture of my cool dishes...

The paper is from the sunflower paper packet and actually has tiny little pears on it. I figured it had that old fashioned kitchen look to it... kind of like old wallpaper patterns.

So What's for Dinner at your house?? What are your family favorites? Where do you like to go out for dinner?
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