Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Wall of Shame

If only we had thought to take pictures before. The previous cars were much more dramatic than this truck. In fact, we're not quite sure why the truck can't just drive off the wall. The owner walked over to KFC, got some food and is having a little picnic out there as he waits for the towtruck.

Now each person seems to have a different story as to how they found themselves in this predicament. The last one was a woman who was visiting the doctor next door. I got to know her well as she waited in my office one cold afternoon. She usually parks in our lot and always wondered how to get into the other, much bigger, parking lot. Finally she figured it out and parked there. One small problem. She forgot when it came time to leave. She pointed her car toward our exit and drove right over the wall. Her car hung there for over two hours while she waited for a tow truck. The "club" that she belonged to was having difficulty finding the right type of tow truck. What kind do you need when your car is perched on top of a wall? We were sure they just needed to lift the car up and it would roll back fine. Communicating that to the "club" was way more difficult than it needed to be.

The first driver was much more imaginative in retrieving her car. That or she had more friends. One by one more and more people showed up and then suddenly 8 or so guys picked her car up and scooched it over. Hers was by far the most fun to watch.

The current victim doesn't seem like he's planning to come in and share the story. We may have to make one up ourselves. It will be interesting to see what the current technique is for removing the vehicle though.
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