Monday, April 24, 2006

Life Changes

Ok, well it's time to come out of my tax season hiding and resurrect this blog. My most loyal reader (my husband) is getting ready to hit the road and he has requested more frequent updates so I guess I better get to it.

I think it's funny that he reads this blog. Periodically he'll bug me for updates so finally I asked him, "why do you care? You live it all live and in person." He said that I write about it differently here and I share things that I don't tell him. At first I thought it was weird and I was kind of uncomfortable, but now I think it's cute. I'm glad that after 17 years of marriage he still finds me interesting enough that he'll live the events with me and choose to read about them. (Either that or he's monitoring me...hmmmm......)

So what's new with us? Everything.

Hubby has been on disability from a work injury for over a year and a half. I tease him all the time saying that I want a wife. I want someone to run the house and do all the cleaning and shopping. I usually bring this up when he has somehow missed the mark of what I think he should be spending his time on.... but if I'm going to be honest, we have gotten quite used to having him available at our beck and call. He has spent the last year bringing us things we've forgotten, bringing us lunch and carting Josh all over. I think Josh and I are in for a big wake up call when he's gone.

We knew pretty early on that he would never be able to return to his job so hubby used his time off to get his commercial drivers license and on Wednesday he begins his new career as a long haul driver. This is the part where you should think I am the absolute most understanding and coolest wife ever, because I now get to hold down the home fort while he pursues his dream. Ok, it's not my dream. I can't imagine living in a truck and driving all day every day. Mostly because I can barely drive two hours before I develop narcolepsy....but it's his dream.... so good luck honey we'll keep the home fires burning.

So now I'm suddenly having to think like a single mom. I can't just take off whenever I want and leave the kid at home with Dad.

I have stamp camp in two weeks and guess who's coming along. Josh said "thanks dad. Now I get to spend 3 days with a bunch of women talking and scrapbooking." He was even more delighted when I told him we don't have cell service up there. Please feel free to share any ideas on ways to make this easier on my poor soon to be 16 year old son....

Which brings us to the next scary adventure - driving. Oh I was going to hold out. We had the "you have to be an Eagle scout before you drive plan." Now we've switched it to the "oh crud, I don't have time to drive you everywhere and the laws change in July plan." So we will soon be embarking on the drivers ed, drivers training and buying a second car adventure.

Ok, let's recap...
How in the world did I agree to....
pay the bills
do the laundry
buy the groceries
take care of the kid
try to live through teaching him to drive
everything else....

I think someone spiked my water. I've been brainwashed.

Yea, well thrown in with everything else, I'm still planning to do some stamping, scrapbooking and knitting so stay tuned.

You'll either be amazed at how truly awesome I am or you'll have a good time laughing at all the mistakes I'm going to make. If you'd like to start placing bets now I'll give you a hint. My house is always full of laughter.....
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