Thursday, May 08, 2008

Checking In!

Sorry I've been absent!!! Here's the scoop

1) Almost done with school for the semester. My project is done and I have one more quiz and one more test. This class was a little bit harder for me (Managerial Accounting)

2) Josh is almost done with his Eagle Project. He ran into a couple little glitches, so it took an extra week. They are painting it on Saturday and it's done, done, done. Woo Hoo!!! I'm going to be the proud mom of an Eagle Scout. This has been 7 years in the making, 10 if you count cub scouts.

3) Stamp camp is next week, so I have a few things to share, but they are top secret for now.

4) Bought a bike and have been riding all over! Woo Hoo!! My broken ankle is pretty much healed. The sprain is still a little tender, but that's to be expected. The other foot seems to be healing since I started riding!!! hallelujah!! Maybe there's hope of avoiding surgery. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and I'm quickly becoming obsessed with cycling. Love it!!!!!

5) Josh joined an indoor soccer league. Now that he's almost 18, I finally get to be the soccer mom I dreamed of being. He waited until his junior year to believe me that soccer is THE best, so now we're making up for lost time. Their games are Saturday nights so I can actually go....and I'm totally taking advantage of it... until he decides it's not cool for Mom to go to his games. Thankfully I know a lot of the other kids on the team, so I'm thinking I might be invited for a while longer.

6) Made all of Joshua's graduation announcements, but I haven't taken a picture yet.

7) Still have a bunch of Thank You cards to make and a scouting album to finish and graduation next month and a house to clean and family coming and......

It's all good, fun, exciting things... just doesn't leave much time for stamping/blogging.
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