Monday, August 04, 2008

A Weekend of Stamping Fun....

When I first figured out that I did not have enough vacation to go to my family reunion, girls camp and convention, I was a bit disappointed. I knew it would be hard so I decided to find other things to do during keep my mind off of it. Boy did I end up doing that!!! Little did I know that July would end up being such a whirlwhind that I wouldn't have time to think about anything else anyway.

On Friday I taught a virtual class for consultants and Saturday Gail and I hosted a mini-convention for the local consultants that couldn't make the trip to Florida. We had a blast and everything went really well.

I was kind of busy and didn't take too many photos of the day, but I'll be taking photos of all the items over the next couple of days and I'll post them.

Here are a few for now....

This is the front of the My Creations album we created....

Here's one of Jan's amazing samples!! She brought a ton of great covered journals. I'm all inspired to go make a few for gifts.

Our Challenge project. We gave everyone two sheets of patterned paper and one sheet of cardstock and allowed them to add a neutral cardstock.... and we challenged them to create something... Problem was that we kept them so busy, they didn't really have time. We were surprised that anyone was able to complete it. I love what they came up with!

Rather than load this entry up with pictures of everyone, I figured I'll include one or two people pictures with each entry... and so here's Michelle and her guest Barbara.

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