Monday, December 22, 2008

Tracking him like Santa

I told Rick that I feel like I'm tracking Santa.

Hubby was hanging out on the west coast a lot this time out. It was so hard to know that he was just a 2 hour drive away....twice. I would've gladly driven up to see him, but it was a logistical nightmare. I'm not going to drive 4 hours roundtrip if I only get to see him for 10 minutes.....

As it got closer and closer for home time and he was still on the west coast, we thought for sure he'd get sent to South Carolina...aka the Bermuda Triangle. Whenever he goes to South Carolina before home time he is always late...very late....

But guess what? He went to Illinois and then he got a load going to Phoenix!! We started tracking him through the bad weather and each time he passed through another state with weather that could shut him down... I got a little more giddy. For the first time in 3 years, we might get to spend Christmas together.

And then.... they switched his loads and he got a load going to Riverside! That's even better, and he cleared all the snowy and icy states...he should be home free!!!!!

Yeah, well....we'll see about that! I'd like to publicly thank the idiot driver that picked up the load and didn't scale it out for California. And while I'm at it, I'd also like to thank the laws of California which always seem to be more difficult than any other state. (We sure want to have our food and our clothes and everything else we need on a daily basis, but hey...let's treat truckers like crap, not give them anyplace to park their trucks and make it truly difficult to drive in the state...because we care about the environment but not the people.)

Anyway.... as a driver you know the rules. You know you are supposed to take the laws of the states you are driving through into consideration when you pick up and scale your load. Well here's the thing.... the person who picked up the load KNEW he would not be delivering it. He either didn't scale it at all to make sure it would be ok, or he did and was too lazy to go back to the shipper to get it adjusted....

So hubby has the trailer and he is on his way to California...only he can't enter California until they find a way to fix the load.

So because one person was too lazy and rude to do his job right..... The dispatcher is currently trying to find a way to fix this. She has to make arrangements to find a place where they can either re-load the truck and distribute the weight differently and the company would obviously have to pay for the service...and/or...they have to find another truck to meet hubby and take part of the load. So far that's a lot of people being inconvenienced because of one person's laziness. Sure hope he has a Merry Christmas.

Me? I'm mentally preparing for the fact that Christmas just might be taking place in a truck stop somewhere near, but not inside, the California border.
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