Monday, January 05, 2009

Hello Kitty!

Ok, so you may not know that I kind of LOVE Hello Kitty! It makes me happy to see her cute little face. I'm so happy that Target has been carrying so much HK stuff!! I've been contemplating decorating the master bath with HK and finally mentioned it to hubby. He didn't say "no," but he never actually answered my question either. I'm thinking that's probably a "no," but he knows I'll do whatever I want anyway....hmmm.... I would do it for sure.... if it wouldn't annoy him too much.

But I digress.... When my mom and aunt were visiting in November we found HK sissix dies!! Woo Hoo!! I had to have it... and then it took me almost two months to actually use it. Ooops!

My only complaint is that it took so stinkin long to make these cards! I rarely use my sissix so I didn't really realize I'd have to make like 4-5 cuts for each kitty!!! And then piece them all together. Of course I got all happy every time I finished one and it made me want to make another one! I'm open to some sissix tips if you have any! Do people really put all that effort into stuff all the time? I think I need a HK cricut cartridge!!

The paper and stamps are all Close to My Heart (of course...HK and CTMH...a match made in heaven!)

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