Thursday, January 08, 2009

Did you think I fell off the wagon?

With all of the stamping posts have you found yourself wondering if I gave up the cycling and the exercising? The truth is that I stamped Sunday afternoon, made a bunch of projects, took all the pictures and uploaded I'm just spreading them out to make it look like I am to stamp every day..

I have had a hard time fitting in the exercise this week because I'm enjoying the opportunity to drive my car to work until January 26th and I've had meetings scheduled after work this week...but I have been trying to sneak little workouts in...namely wii workouts!

I bought Jillian's Boot Camp Wii game with a gift card after Christmas so I've been playing with it and Wii Fit.

And here's my little mini review of the Jillian game....

First time I tried it I thought she was trying to kill me! In other words, it was kind of true to life. HaHa.

Create your character: Not as cool as I thought it would be. I couldn't really find one that was "me." I guess I'm more of a girly girl than Jillian. I don't mind wearing green or blue, but the shades were really dark... No biggie, just not as fun as I would've liked.

I chose a short 10 minute workout to test it out. Basically you "jog" in place and run along a track to different stations where you complete tasks. At first I had a hard time getting my character to "move it." That was definately my problem and not the game's. I just had to figure out how to move the remotes and how to shift my weight properly, but once I got it figured out she was jogging along...

Then there were the stations. At first it's a little confusing. You have to play around and figure out what you are supposed to do to complete the moves properly. The game gives adequate directions, it's just putting them into practice that is a little difficult for me. I have to experiment.

But let me tell you.... holding your arms up, pretending to swing across monkey bars....hurts!!!! Maybe not for the first 30-60 seconds....but as time goes arms started to hurt!

The only station I haven't quite figured out and don't particularly enjoy, is the log rolling. I'll have to try it again, but it didn't really seem to matter what I did on that one.

As with all workouts, you're going to get as much out as you put into it...In other words, you can totally cheat and move the remotes around to accomplish the tasks without really doing the exercises, but really....who is that helping??

Which brings me to the real Jillian fun.... I took the game over to Candace's house and we played the multi-player version and it was absolutely hilarious!!! Oh all of us cheated big time. Nobody did the moves how they were supposed to. It was all about winning and doing more than the other player which made for some interesting moves!!

So overall - it's fun to play in a group setting. It gets you moving around and laughing, but probably not a great workout. Solo? It's as good as you make it. Really do the squats on the train station and you're going to get a workout. Just move the remote up and down to simulate squats..and well...not as many calories burned...

I'm glad I got it and I think it will keep me entertained for a while.
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