Monday, January 19, 2009

Woo Hoo, It's National Popcorn Day!

I feel like a little kid, waiting to go to Disneyland! Ever since I read about National Popcorn Day on Stacy Julian's blog, I've been counting down the days!! How cool that I have the day off! (Thank you MLK!)

I even created a fun make and take for my workshop this month so everyone can share the joy. You didn't know today was National Popcorn Day? Well no worries! It's not too late. The website I looked at actually had it listed twice. So you can still celebrate on January 31st. Me? I plan to celebrate twice.

Read on for the details on my project and my own favorite popcorn recipe!

We used the Emporium Creative Basics paper pack. The creative basics packs are even better now that you're basically getting 4 prints with the two-sided paper. (Each pack contains 24 sheets - great for big projects where you want the same print! And you get matching ribbon too!) Also featured: Moments in Time - January Stamp of the Month! Must have!!! Just think about the cool holidays you can celebrate all year long and D1338 Bird Basics

And now for my popcorn recipe! Take one lunch bag, add 1/4 cup regular old popcorn kernals, place in microwave and pop! At home it takes about 3 minutes and 20 seconds. (I have an old microwave.) It's a little faster at work, but tends to burn more easily. Experiment with your microwave but stay close by until you figure out how long your microwave takes.

You'll get a bowl full that looks like this!

I spray I can't believe it's not butter and sprinkle popcorn seasoning on. Yummy!!!!! Much cheaper than packages AND less waste!!! Less calories!!

Well sorry if this sounds rushed because it is.... I have a day off and Jane has a day off so you know that that means?!! The girls and I are headed off for a bike ride!! Pictures soon.

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