Friday, January 09, 2009

I Love my Nano....

I was slow to join the ipod ranks. At first I had a simple mp3 player and I loved it. It even had an fm receiver which I still miss. But soon thereafter the child got an ipod and used Itunes and it became a nuisance to have to convert the music for each of the different players.

So I upgraded to a shuffle, which I adore. (Actually it was a gift from hubby and he even got my name engraved on it....ahhh....) It was perfect for me. I would clip it to my shirt during my early morning walks. Although I envied the capacity of Joshua's ipod and I thought the idea of playlists was cool, I probably would've carried on with my shuffle for quite a long time.

But alas, hubby spoiled me again. He found out about Nike plus and since I was the walking fiend at the time, he bought me Nike plus and let Joshua loose on ebay for a used nano.

I didn't even know I needed it, but oh how happy I was!!! Sadly I got to use Nike plus like twice before all the foot problems started and I was banned from walking. (Dare I say my foot is healed? I think my last PT appt. is today!!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!)

My nano opened up a whole new world for me. I listened to podcasts and had playlists and I loved, loved, loved my nano....until it bit the nano dust! For some reason I couldn't charge it with any of the chargers that connect to the computer. The only charger that would charge it was the car adapter. And then it died. We tried buying another car charger, but it didn't have the same magic touch....and my nano would not charge.....I was lost. I was sad. I missed my podcasts...

I tried not to want a new nano, but I did. I really did want one. It was more than the Christmas budget so I never put it on my list. I won't bore you with the long dramatic tale of woe, but the condensed version is.. I had a gift card and Joshua decided he was going to chip in the rest of what I needed ($80!!). I still don't know why it was so important to him. Maybe because he was using gift cards to get an itouch? I didn't want my son's money. I wasn't going to take it, but he kept on and on and even drove me to the store to look at them.... FINALLY he found a way to rationalize why I should allow him to chip in. He dug deep....

"Remember the $50 that you gave me from Nana and Papa (Hubby told me $50 was for Josh, only it wasn't. They sent him something else...but I refused to take the money back. I mean come on... Here's $50...oh wait... no... give it back.....) And then there was the money Josh owed me, but I forgave the debt because he worked on the the rain....."

Long story shorter... I got a PINK nano. Woo Hoo!!!! Podcasts are back. Playlists are back and hey ...bonus... new nanos support video too. I love it, love it, love it.... but still not feeling so good over the negotiations...even though it was VERY sweet.

Well I have now found a way to justify it!! I'm using it for my calling at church!! Haha! It was meant to be. The church launched a new website for the youth with songs, ringtones, widgets, videos, scripture games. It's pretty cool. I downloaded the songs, put them on my ipod, created a church playlist and life is in balance.

My nano is not simply a cute little gadget, it is necessary for my spiritual growth. (wink, wink)
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