Tuesday, January 20, 2009

MLK Ride

(Picture was taken at Lake Jennings - It was an absolutely beautiful day!!)

Ok, so this ride was more my style. Haha! All four of our cycling buddies were able to get together for a ride. It was a postal holiday and a school holiday!!

We started at my house, went out to Lake Jennings then down to El Monte Park and then looped back to Candace's where we enjoyed a yummy lunch!! I think it was about 15 miles total.

The original ride negotiations had the ride continuing on to Santee and lunch at Daphne's restaurant, but Candace and I wanted to help everyone's budget by eating at Candace's (wink, wink). It's been a while since we've done a long ride and well, Candace's was a few miles closer.

It was an absolutely perfect ride. The weather was gorgeous and just warm enough that I really enjoyed the cool shadows and shade as we rode through. There was hardly any traffic and it felt good to get out and do a nice long ride.

Now I've got the "bug" back and I'm plotting more rides. Thank goodness! School starts next week and I'll be commuting home again.
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