Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Biking, Stamping, Dog Walking..oh and Working

Biking, stamping, dog walking and working...that pretty much sums up my days lately. It's a good thing I love that little dog of mine, because I figure I spend at least an hour a day exploring the neighborhood with her. I pretty much know which houses have dogs, where the local cats hang out and which cats like dogs....and which cats don't.

After a bit of a struggle getting back into a nice schedule, I've fallen in love with cycling again. Last year was all about riding farther and faster and better. It was about getting the right equipment and the constant struggle to keep up with my friends. This year? I kind of floundered for a while after my little bike gang went through some growing pains. One dropped us like a hot potato (guess we aren't good enough to ride with her anymore....) The other is struggling through some health issues. Which left me.

It's a little harder to motivate yourself to ride when you're not meeting someone else or trying to keep up with someone else. It is so easy to say it's too hot. I'm too tired. I have too much to do. Hubby is home this week. I need to walk the dog and I don't have enough energy to do both.

I used all of those excuses so much that I felt like I was right back at square one. How can I possibly ride the whole way home? It's soooo far... I cheated a few times by meeting Josh at the 6 mile mark. I kind of liked that commute. It was easy! For me commuting has always been this BIG thing. Something I had to conquer. But that 6 mile commute? Piece of cake! It was fun.

Finally I decided I needed to suck it up and stop cheating. The first day I was sore. Second day? Not so much. Now? I'm loving it. I go at a nice easy pace. I'm not trying to get faster or better. I'm just riding home and enjoying myself. There is no competition. I don't feel bad because I'm so much slower than everyone else. I just ride... and guess what?

I am getting faster anyway!
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