Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Las Pulgas to Dana Point - Take 2

Friday we repeated one of my favorite rides.  Looking back, I'm not sure why it was one of my favorites LOL.  Here are a few things we remembered from the first time we rode it.

  • I rode the first half of the ride with a flat tire.
  • My chain came off on the rolly polly hills that seemed like they'd never end (I'm sure it was because I wasn't shifting properly)
  • We rode up "Mt. Everest" (Joshua's nickname for the never ending hill on a crazy busy street)
  • Tony thought we were going 20 miles round trip.  Surprise, surpise.. it was 20 miles one way!
  • I was at the back, working my butt off to just try and keep sight of everyone else.

I guess I loved it because I pushed myself farther than I thought I could go AND it was breathtakingly beautiful. (I didn't take enough pictures to do it justice)

Well, my memories of the ride this time are quite different; even though there was a mix-up about the route and we ended up on the crazy, busy street on the first half of the ride.  At least it was downhill this time.  Joshua quickly gave us a new route home.  No way were we climbing "Mt. Everest" in traffic again. LOL.

This time....
  • It was easy peasy!!
  • Most of the time I was relaxing and hanging out with our newbie riders.
  • Instead of pedaling like a mad woman to keep up, I was spinning easily and reminding myself to slow down!
  • Those rolly polly hills that worked me over last time?  They were so much fun!  My favorite part of the ride!
  • Instead of being thrilled to be done... I was kind of sad it was over.
Next week we're planning a 14 mile ride along Highway 56.  14 miles?  I'm thinking I might have to do it twice.
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