Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time will pass,no matter what....

Ok, I'm going to try not to start every post with "I'm sorry I haven't been blogging...." but I'm going to do it one more time and hopefully get my act together from here on out.

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging but... I haven't been creating.  Oh the shock and horror of it all.  Every day I start the day out with high hopes of hanging out in my stamp room when I get home from work, but somehow I never quite make it.  I'm blaming my summer work schedule and a little bit of stamping burn-out.  I created a bunch of fun stuff for future workshops that I can't share quite yet..... 

For the most part, working 4/10's has been wonderful.  I'm kind of liking it and I'm starting to wonder if it will actually be a tougher transition when I go back to my Monday-Friday gig.  I made a promise to myself that Friday's would be my fun days.  I am not grocery shopping or cleaning house or sitting around the house or running errands... I'm bike riding and hanging out at the pool and socializing and it is oh so fun!!!  It reminds me of the summer vacations of my youth. 

I'm also totally loving my new fitness level!!!!  I know I'm always talking about the many bike rides I do and everyone is probably sick to death of it, but here's the thing... At first I really had to work hard on those bike rides.  Even my little mini-midweek rides would kick my butt.  My legs were sore.  My back was sore.  I was exhausted.  I would come home from the ride and want to go right to bed.  I was done for the rest of the day.  Now?  Now I come home pumped up and excited.  I walk the dog.  I do the dishes.  I clean up the house.  I actually have a hard time sitting still; which is yet one more explanation about the lack of artwork around here. ;-P

On Friday we rode 21.5 miles, did a little workout in Candace's pool and relaxed in the jacuzzi and then bright and early Saturday morning we hit Mission Trails and did a little two hour hike.  It was absolutely amazing.  I am generally not the happiest hiker.  I'm usually miserable.  I like the idea of it and I like it when I'm done, but I used to struggle through it so it wasn't all that much fine WHILE I was doing it... but guess what... I totally loved every minute of it!  I wasn't huffing and puffing and trying to catch my breath.  I actually enjoyed it.  Hallelujah!!  I can hardly wait to go on another hike.

And faithful readers... you may have to be a little patient with me.  I'm probably going to be mixing in some fitness stuff and some cycling stuff and some artwork stuff... while I try to find balance again, but hey... if you stick with me I know good things are in store!!

I have some fun artwork that I will be posting starting July 9th!!

I am leaving for Washington DC in two short weeks!  I'll have fun pics to share from conference and of course... A bike ride in DC. hahaha!

And I hope, hope, hope... that I can inspire a few of you to make a little fitness time for yourself.  Try something new.  Do a little bit every day.  Time will pass whether you do it or not.  The difference is that in two years you could be the one LOVING what you can do.... or you can still be wishing you had the energy to do something different.
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