Friday, September 24, 2010

Update and Colored Pencil Tutorial

Yep, I disappeared for a bit. Here's life in a nutshell
  1. Car was in a minor accident
  2. Car ended up being totaled. I was shocked! 
  3. When we went to clean the car out at the dealership I saw the smiley on the back and had to take a picture.  There were other cars that were obviously totaled and they didn't have smiley faces so I have no idea why ine did.  Maybe they like AAA.  Maybe they liked my car.  I decided it was a good sign that things were going to work out fine....
  4. There's a lot to do when your car gets totaled, but let me just give a little shout out to AAA.  They made the whole process smooth and easy. 
  5. Spent the next week or so looking at cars online, test driving cars at the dealer, narrowing down what I wanted....
  6. Meanwhile I told Tony, the king of craigslist and cars, what I was looking for and he found me a great deal!! One owner, always serviced at the dealer, 58,000 miles, beautiful condition... I had to buy it! So here's my new (used) car.  So far I am loving it!!
  7. Still have a bit of work to do.  Got most of the DMV stuff done.  Now I just have to get my tow hitch installed and I'm upgrading the stereo to one with an auxiliary port. You can blame the stereo on the rental car.  I loved hooking up my ipod!!
All that means that I haven't had time to even go in my stamp room, but I created this tutorial and totally forgot to post it. So, enjoy... and I hope to take some more pictures and finish up a couple of projects in the next couple of days...

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