Thursday, November 04, 2010

My Thanksgiving Project

I am really excited to share a fun project I'm doing for Thanksgiving this year.  Below is an excerpt from my customer newsletter that explains a little bit about what I am doing.  If you would like to participate.  Please leave me a comment and I'll send you info on where you can send your cards.

Military Thank You

I have been blessed to be part of a family with a rich military tradition and I am truly grateful for all those who serve to protect the freedoms that we have.

Periodically I participate in projects that send cards to those who are deployed.
This year I would like to share the opportunity with you.

I am "adopting" my cousin's unit in Korea. His Korean assignment is "unaccompanied." Meaning that while he is not in Iraq or Afghanistan, his family is still not allowed to accompany he and his unit live in Korea, while their spouses live in the USA.

At my November workshop I will have a couple of cards for everyone to sign, if you would like. In addition I will be accepting donations of cards that we can send to the unit. We will send Christmas, birthday, anniversary and thinking of you cards. This will allow the unit to select cards to personalize and send back home to their family.
As a military "brat," I can tell you, there is nothing more exciting than to see your Daddy's handwriting on an envelope or card!

I hope you will help me celebrate Thanksgiving this year, by taking a few minutes to thank our military and help a unit that is Close To My Heart.

I will be accepting card donations until November 15th.  At that point I will put the cards in clear envelopes, sort, organize and mail the package to my cousin so that it will get there in time for them to distribute the cards and mail them back home with their personal messages.  Not only do they need Christmas cards to send home, but many have birthdays and anniversaries too.  So look through your card stash and pick a few to pass on.  I'm sure the unit and their loved ones will appreciate it!
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