Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Color Run was SO MUCH FUN!

Several months ago Stacy Julian posted a link about The Color Run.  I followed the link and instantly knew I had to do this run.  I decided it was going to be a pre-birthday treat.  A silly run full of fun.  I posted it on facebook and within minutes I had a team ready to sign-up.  Luckily 6 of us were able to register before it sold out.

I am soooo glad I did it.  It was the MOST fun event I have ever participated in.

We started out in our bright white t-shirts (part of our group had a different start time so they aren't pictured here.)

Action shot of my buddies running through the Purple color station

Of course Pink was my favorite station!

Lovin Yvette's braid!  (FYI the color completely washed out of my hair, but rumor has it, Yvette was still sporting some pink the day after the race.  They give you tips about wearing leave-in conditioner etc. So you can avoid it)

Yvette's decided we weren't quite colorful enough and we needed a little more yellow....

The ground was pretty colorful too!

Love this photo!!!  I was able to pull it off a video I shot.  At the end of the run they have an area where they do Color Blasts every 15 minutes.  They count it down and every one throws color in the air.  The girls that are posing asked Valeri to take their picture.  I bet they are going to love that picture!!!  I know I'm planning to make sure we get one just like it next time.

Oh my!  We were pretty dirty!!

Thankfully they had some blowers around and it easily blew off all the excess color...and your hats!

 See...most of it came right off...except for the part that stuck to the sunscreen and um...glistening body parts. LOL

I'm loving my shoes.  I don't think I want to wash them.  Sadly they are a bit worn out and they are headed to the trash soon so I won't be able to enjoy the color much longer.  Good thing I'm doing another color run in San Diego on November 3rd! (Team name Stamptildawn - feel free to join us!)


Marg said...

OMG!!! This looks like soooo much fun! Awesome photos ... you made me smile today. Thanks!!!

Lauren said...

I see Dotty To You scrapbook pages with these photos! :)