Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sight Seeing during the CTMH Convention in Dallas

One of my favorite things about attending Convention (besides getting to see all the amazing new products live and in person!!!) is the opportunity to hang out with fellow consultants and team members.  It is always a crazy fun time.  Some of them might say I bring along the crazy, but I think my buddy Heather might have to take on some of that responsibility too.

First we hopped on a bus to take us to downtown Dallas...

Heather wore her new boots!  Apparently they serve drinks and very hot cowboys help you try boots on.  Her story about her shopping experience definitely made me consider buying some boots!

But we went to dinner next door instead.  We enjoyed some fabulous steak!  Yummm... Texas serves my kind of food!  Sorry, but there is not a vegetarian bone in my body. 

Sure wish I had my bike so I could join the group ride that was going by!

Thankfully Heather had taken a tour of Dallas before we arrived and she has an AMAZING memory!!  She shared all sorts of cool stories, facts and trivia about the area.  I think she could seriously get a job as a tour guide!!

I love taking pictures of beautiful buildings with interesting architecture!

This JFK monument was purposely built to look unfinished to represent the unfinished life of JFK.

I have grown up hearing all the speculation and conspiracy theories about the assassination of JFK, but it was a little before my time so I never really had a personal connection to it.  Visiting the area and the site gave me a very different perspective.  I was amazed at what a small area it was. It was fascinating to see where the route was originally planned and where it was changed to.  

I am so glad that we took the time to visit this area during our trip!

The Grassy knoll.....Even this picture makes the area look bigger than it is.  It is not a large sprawling area of grass.  It's very small and the street is only two lanes.

I had such high hopes for this picture!  You would not believe how long it took us to pose and get the camera set up...but then it was getting too dark.  I had to lighten the photo up so you could even see us!

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Heather R. Plotzke said...

Okay so I will admit I do bring along the crazy too! But always the fun:) Love the post Dawn. I had someone ask me just today what is my favorite part of being a Consultant and my number one answer is the friendships I have made and these women I love.