Thursday, April 25, 2013

Behind the Scenes at the Paper Cupcakes Team Retreat

Last weekend my upline, Bren Yule, hosted a team meeting/retreat at Rabbit Hill Ranch.  11 of us were able to stay for the whole weekend and we had over 20 people at our meeting on Saturday.  We truly had so much fun.  We laughed, and laughed and laughed.... and in between we made a few projects.

When one of our buddies said to save her a "comfy chair by the bar" for the team meeting we knew we had to create a special chair tag for her.  Denice and I started the tag (Denice welded all the letters in cricut craft room) and then we passed the tag around the room and let everyone add a little something something...

It turned out so cute!

Here are a few behind the scenes photos....

Denice working her cricut craft room magic!

My buddy Gail, who was probably sorry she sat next to me by the end of the weekend...or maybe 5 minutes after we got there. LOL

Who are all these crazy characters?  A little still shot of us in our wonderful Harlem Shake costumes.

I forgot to take pictures until after a couple of people left.  No way would those tables be that clean otherwise!!

Of course, they probably were never as messy as my area!  How does it get like this?  I think someone came in and just threw a bunch of stuff on my table to make me look like a slob!

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Heather Plotzke said...

I loved my sign!, loved my chair, but super duper love my gal pals!!!!!!