Wednesday, July 15, 2015

CTMH Studio J - Digital Scrapbooking and Photo Processing Sale!!!!!

Oh how I love it when we get a sale on Studio's even more fun when you aren't expecting it AND you just came back from a trip with a ton of photos!!!

Studio J is absolutely FREE and you do not need to download anything to your computer.  Simply go to the website and start designing.  You pay when you order copies of your layouts!  You'll need to order 5 layouts at a time, so with the sale, you'll be spending $25 (5 layouts at $5 each).  You'll also receive a .jpg for FREE that you can share on social media, or keep as a back-up of your layout.  I like to add the .jpgs to a digital picture frame!

Here are a just a few of the benefits/uses for Studio J....

  1. Create quick and easy layouts!
  2. Create a layout once, then order or print multiple copies for other family members.  Great to send to the grandparents!
  3. Use for Photo Processing!!  Ever ordered unusual size prints?  Or 5 x 7's or 8 x 10's or 6 x 6?  Use the layout called "no limits" and place your photos on it.  When it comes in, just trim around your photos!  A truly inexpensive way to get your larger photos printed.
  4. Create your holiday cards!  Yep, use the "no limits" layout and you can create your own photo cards.  Just cut them apart when they arrive.
And there is soooo much more!!!  Contact me today if you have more questions...

Or simply head on over to my Studio J website and get started!

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