Thursday, March 03, 2005

Ugh, It's Tax Season

Ok, just a quick note to say I'm alive but buried... The worst part of tax season is now upon us and I'm struggling just to keep up. The good new is that we only have 6 more weeks and if I can get my accounting work done this week, I should be able to breathe a little easier.

Knitting news - I'm getting ready to cast on AGAIN for the Hello Kitty Knitalong. I think my skills have gotten better and I may be able to do it this time.

Crochet - workin on my second Hello Kitty backpack..

Ok, I know it's a little HK obsession isn't it??? It's just that I have an adorable niece and a good friend that I'm making stuff for.

Joshua is off to desert camp with his school. I can't wait to hear about his adventures and see his pictures. There ought to be some amazing flowers out there by now.

Workout news: back to the gym again.
Friday - one hour treadmill, 30 min elliptical
Monday - 30 min treadmill, 30 min. elliptical
Tuesday - 40 min. walk in the morning
Wednesday - 30 min elliptical, 10 min. treadmill
Thursday - 40 min walk this morning and

I'm thinking about going to the gym tonight. Joshua's gone, Rick's at school... hmmm... I could sleep. hahaha....
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