Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Because of Romek

I just finished reading Because of Romek, A Holocaust Survivor's Memoir by David Faber. Hmmm, now I find myself at a loss for words. How do you say that you really enjoyed a book that is all about human suffering? I didn't enjoy the suffering, but I think it is important for us to read about what happened, to face what humanity is capable of. I've grown up knowing what the holocaust was. I knew about the gas chambers and the concentration camps; but it was much different reading about someone's first hand experience.

I'm also listening to IBM and the Holocaust by Edwin Black. It's a long story, but Bren and I met a lady at the Dollar Tree store and she highly recommended it. And who could pass up an audio book for $1? (Of course my tape #1 didn't work so I had to borrow Bren's LOL) I started listening to tapes 2 and 3, but now I'm going to start over again with tape 1. It's kind of scary to realize just how organized Hitler was.

I haven't really discovered a sudden interest into all that is the Holocaust... it just kind of happened. Two different people recommended these books to me at the same time, and I'm definately the type to notice that kind of coincidence and follow-up on it.
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