Friday, April 01, 2005

Not geeky enough

I have come to the conclusion that I'm too geeky and just not geeky enough.

I've been blogging since August of 2001. Of course I didn't really know that it was called a blog back then. Over the years I've mentioned it a few times to different friends and they just look at me like I'm from another planet. Sometimes they'll even ask "What's a blog?" But most of the time it just ellicits blank looks. I think it's a combination of not understanding the need to write and not understanding the internet.

My friends don't have pda's, jumpdrives or blogs. They call me when they have computer problems (or they call me from the other room when their husbands have computer problems.) It's easy to begin thinking that you are the super geek of the neighborhood.

But then I get online and I know that my pda is hopelessly outdated. I'm forced to use simple tools to set up web pages and post my blog. I don't have time to keep up with all the cool things you can do. I haven't taken the time to really learn html and all the other things that seem to end in "L." I just stumbled onto podcasts and a bunch of other fun new things and I want to belong. I want to increase my super techie geekdom....

But then I remember that I'm a boring conservative mom who knits, crochets, stamps, scrapbooks, carries a pda, posts a blog (or two), works full-time, goes to church, reads books, wants to write a book and is hopelessly addicted to the internet.

I think I'm caught in the middle between two different worlds. This might be more unsettling for me if it didn't seem to be such a lifelong habit. If I remember correctly I was the girl in high school who took computer programming and had classes with the "smart" kids. I played sports with the jocks. I cheered with the socialites and I went to church with the goody two-shoes.

I guess I better get going. I need to post my entry to my blog, back it up on my jump drive, check my todo list on my pda, block my latest knitting project, check on my sick kid, read my scriptures, scrapbook my memories, bake a casserole, surf the internet and get back to work.
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