Monday, April 18, 2005

I Survived and I'm Back

Woo Hoo!! I survived yet another tax season. This time I did it on my own. Normally I hire clerical help to get me through the toughest weeks, but after last years fiasco... I elected to brave it on my own. I can't believe I did it. To tell the truth, I really think it was easier. There's a fine line between spending more time to teach someone else to do your job and doing it yourself. The other benefit was the fact that I always knew where things were...since all the little tax returns passed through my hands... there really wasn't anyone else to blame. Even hubby noticed I was a lot less stressed this year. The best part? My bonus DOUBLED and I have a ton of comp time.

So what's new in my little world?

Well my most exciting news is that Close To My Heart called me and asked me to do a presentation this Thursday at the Riverside national tour. I was very calm and collected when she called two weeks ago. I asked all the right questions and of course I said yes. It wasn't until about a half hour later that I started having heart palpitations and wondered what the heck I had gotten myself into. Since then I've turned in my outline and gotten approval and I finished up my power point. I have a few pictures to add but that's about it. I've practiced my presentation a couple of times and I'm just sure I'm going to sound like a dork...... not that that's really a new thing but this will be in front of a lot of people!

I'm really hoping I do a good job and that they remember me for future events.... yeah... cuz I like the feeling of anxiety attacks... they make me feel alive.... hahaha....

Stamp Room Makeover
We've been on an organizing frenzy at my house (ala Flylady.) Now that I've gotten a handle on some of the clutter and I wouldn't be embarassed for someone to drop in on me.... I'm giving the stamp room a mini makeover. I bought new tablecloths, finished labeling all the new stamp pads that I got ohhhhh ummmmm 8 or 9 months ago. (ouch that hurt to admit!). I finally found a successful way to label the paper shelves. Third times a charm. All the other silly tags kept coming off. Now I have cute little key tags hanging off the shelf with a little heart punch of the corresponding color on it... ok so all the tags are up and half of them have the little heart on them. What did you expect? Perfection? I'm going to try and finish it tonight.

I started on my top down knitted children's sweater for class. Since my child is 14, it wouldn't have been my first preference for a project, but now that I started it, I think it's going to be fun. At first I couldn't think of anyone to give the sweater too, but now I have a list of possible recipients.

Well I better run... I'm off to post some photos!
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