Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Magnetic Signs are here...

A couple of weeks ago I finally bit the bullet and ordered magnetic signs for my car. I've thought about doing it for years and never followed through. Of course part of the problem used to be that I didn't feel comfortable putting them on my little Celica. She's not so pretty anymore, but she's the car that just keeps going and going. Now that Rick has the motorcyle and the Escape has become my primary mode of transportation....the magnetic signs seem like the next step, right? Ok that probably wouldn't be the next step in most people's minds.

Here are my reasons for ordering the signs... in no particular order....

1) I have NEVER seen another Close To My Heart consultant with signs.
2) Many people know I teach stamping and scrapbooking, but they think it's some kind of hobby.
3) I recruited all of my best customers. Now I have a big team and need to rebuild my customer base
4) I'm not the greatest at bringing up what I do in casual conversation. I'm thinking that people might notice my signs. (ya think?)

Here are the reasons I'm a little nervous to put them on my car

1) My name is HUGE on them.
2) I'm a little nervous to be a driving billboard
3) Did I mention that my name is HUGE?

Now the next decision is whether or not to let Rick drive the car with the signs on them. I'm not sure I can handle the hate email. (Love ya honey!)

And then I'm not really sure I should drive the car with them on.

Or maybe I better not talk on the cell phone while driving the car with the signs.

Thankfully I have a few more hours to mull all this over. The car is in the shop getting some warranty work done. It's safe for now.....

Hmmmm... Maybe I'll have some funny magnetic sign stories to share on my blog.... Ok, we'll add that to the reasons to put the signs on the car. People are nothing if not funny!
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