Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Saga begins....

The magnetic signs needed to be adhered to a clean car. So Joshua and I headed up to the gas station for a quicky car wash. $5 and 25 minutes later (there was a line) my car was sparkling clean. And then the fun began...

Now I don't think my Escape is a small car. Small SUV maybe, but not a small car. I kept putting the magnet on, taking it off, putting it on... trying to find a spot where it fit. The rules are quite strict. It must be a smooth, flat molding. Let me tell you, there are very few places where it is smooth and flat on my car. I finally managed to place them on the passenger doors, below the handle.

And I'd take a picture for all of you.... except... yep... that's right... It's Raining.

The good news is that I've already gotten several comments on the signs.

When I picked Joshua up from church last night, one of the kids standing outside said "In-de-pen-dent Con-sul-tant."

Bravo young man! At least I know somebody is reading it.
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