Monday, August 01, 2005

Busy Busy

My poor neglected blog. I have been so busy working on some big projects that I haven't had time to blog...

#1 - The next phase of my website is up and running!! The online ordering is awesome. You can click on the thumbnail of a stamp set and a larger picture complete with a sample using the set will pop up. It's very cool and very user friendly.

#2 - I've been working on setting up the community section of the site. I have bulletin boards set up and ready to go and I'm busily creating the art gallery and adding pictures. Currently I have to set people up and enter their user name and password. Hopefully they will fix it soon so that you guys can set it up I'm kind of waiting to see if that gets resolved.

#3 - The mini-convention. 9 other consultants and I rented two hotel meeting rooms and are putting together a giant open house/mini-convention. It is sooo cool. The hands-on projects are awesome and there are 10 different demonstrations repeating throughout the day. Raffle baskets and much much more.

It was my big brain storm so I've taken on a lot of the organizing, sending emails, and coordinating things. Lots of work, but I couldn't be more excited about how it's coming out.

If you're in the San Diego area let me know and I can send you an invite. It's free!!
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