Monday, August 15, 2005

Winding down of summer

Where have I been? I've been lost in a whirlwhind of planning and organizing and stamping and scrapbooking and working and cleaning and going to the gym and.... Somewhere along the way I kind of lost the writer inside. She's been busy making lists and emailing and creating flyers. She got tired of words and of hearing herself and couldn't find one word to sit and type for fun.

But today I feel the writer emerging again, ready to tell the tales of summer before they fade into fall.

Joshua came home Saturday. It's good to have him home. We got smacked right back into parenthood mode though. We had to tighten the reins, set some boundaries and be parents again. It has been much of parenting is.... but there's nothing better than walking by and seeing him stretched out on the couch sleeping away all the tiredness of a busy summer. As much as he thinks he's a man and doesn't need to be "mothered." I know the truth. There's still a young boy inside that manly body that needs his parents; needs direction; needs structure. I think deep down, he knows it too.
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