Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Laugh at Yourself

It's tough being related to a "blogger." Because suddenly, everything in life becomes a "bloggable moment." Of course the people in my life are often protected from this problem because I usually end up being too busy to actually blog it... but this one...oh this one I won't forget..

I will protect the identities of the guilty parties. I was given permission to write it, as long as I didn't say who did it.

Some teenagers were sitting around talking about the latest controversy - to say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays." Now anyone who thinks that teenagers only talk about fashion, or ipods, or music, or how much they hate their parents....hasn't really listened to teenagers recently. Sometimes they actually have some very thoughtful and intellectual conversations. They are finding themselves. They are figuring out what they believe and they often discuss/debate things....

and so.....

they were discussing

"Merry Christmas"


"Happy Holidays"

and the discussion turned to how people have distorted the Christian holidays. Who is that fat man Santa? and what does he have to do with Christmas? And what about that Easter Bunny? Was he visiting at the cross? and then someone said... "And what's the deal with a bunny and eggs. Bunnys don't even lay eggs."

"They don't?" uttered one teenager

"Are you serious? Don't tell me you thought they laid eggs." said another teenager

Then, in a sheepish, oh I'm never going to live this down tone... the first teenager said "Unfortunately, I did."

I laughed until I cried. I don't know what's funnier. The fact they he/she believed it or the fact that he/she owned up to it and then told me about it.

In between laughs I figured we'd better make sure he/she had other things figured out.

"ok, so do you know what a reptile is?"


"the definition of a mammal."

Thank goodness he/she has a great sense of humor. There's nothing better than someone who can laugh at themselves.
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